PR is all about creating newsworthy content and what better way to back up your messages than with data? This is where PR surveys come into play… Our Junior PR Account Executive, Georgina, explains what they are and how they can support your PR campaigns.  

What is a PR survey? 

A PR survey is a form of quantitative market research, where opinions of the public or certain individuals can be gathered for use in PR and marketing.  

They are purposely designed to target specific demographics of respondents, with the intent to share the results through a strategic PR or marketing campaign.  

Surveys can help you: 

  • Measure public opinion 
  • Shape strategies 
  • Test content and messaging  
  • Track your brand recognition and awareness 
  • Test products (physical or digital) 

Let’s be honest, everyone is drawn to a headline with a shocking bit of data in, and that’s exactly what PR surveys can help to create. Check out the results that survey data can achieve: 

TikTok is fastest growing news source for UK adults, Ofcom finds 

App is used by 7% of adults for newa with nearly half turning to TikTokers rather than conventional outlets for updates 

Source: The Guardian  


Source: Resource  

Drinking coffee before shopping linked to people spending more money, study finds 

Source: The Independent 

Britons dispose of nearly 100bn pieces of plastic packaging a year, survey finds 

Source: The Guardian  

Why should I commission a PR survey? 

PR surveys can be as simple as two questions to a group of people online – they don’t have to be complicated but are still just as effective.  

Not convince? Here are some more reasons why surveys are incredible tools for your PR strategy

  • They are timely 
  • They are affordable 
  • They offer high quality owned data 
  • They can inform a range of content streams 
  • They can back up your key messages 

What are the benefits? 

Surveys are fantastic for PR, but there are many more ways you can utilise the data. Here are some other ways that survey data can be used: 

  • Outreach tool  
  • Lead generation  
  • Blog content  
  • Infographics 
  • Videos and animations  
  • Thought leadership  

Who can help me to create a PR survey? 

Working with a PR expert will help you to get the most out of a survey campaign and they can advise you on the best messaging and routes to media.  

PR advisors will usually liaise directly with a research company to get the best results. There are a wide variety of research companies out there that can help you with your campaign. Including:  

These brands will help you to form a creative survey, which will keep respondents engaged and give you the data you need.  

A reputable survey provider will work with you and your PR team to formulate the best questions to get the most out of your results, while staying compliant with data credibility guidelines. 

How to make it happen 

So, do PR surveys sound like a great resource to add to your strategy?  

If you have the right questions, are working with the right survey provider, and are ready to create fabulous content with the results of your survey… then you are already on your way to survey success! 

To find out how we can help your business incorporate a survey into your next campaign, get in touch with our team. 

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