When looking at the meaning of public relations  in 2022, we must look into all areas of public relations, including PR strategy, PR tools and media channels.  

Our Account Manager, Abigail, explains what public relations means in 2022.  

What is the public relations meaning?  

The meaning of public relations has remained the same throughout history and is, at its core, the strategic communication from an organisation to its audiences to maintain or cultivate a public image.  

However, while its essence remains the same, over time new channels, tactics and aims can emerge. That is the case in 2022.  The media landscape is more complex than ever before with new communications channels emerging all the time. 

While PR pros in the 1980s would have puzzled at mentions of BeReal and TikTok, 2022 PRs are having to embrace new communications channels to support their organisations.  

But in this mounting wave of new media outlets and platforms, there is still a place for traditional newspapers and magazines at the heart of a strong PR strategy.  

How does this affect my PR strategy? 

When looking at the public relations meaning and applying it to your own strategy, a good starting point is your audience.  

The heart of PR is about communicating effectively with your audience and ensuring your key messages are heard. 

You first need to assess how to access your audience. Which channels do they use and why? Which media do they consume? Who are they? How do they communicate?  

If your audience exclusively reads Cosmopolitan, there’s not much point trying to talk to them through the pages of Potato World Magazine!  

Once you know where they are, consider how you talk to them. There are several routes to go down, including:  

  • Thought leadership  
  • Features 
  • Profiling  
  • News  
  • Case studies  
  • Advertisements  
  • Podcasts  
  • Awards 

What support do I need for PR in 2022? 

A key difference with public relations in 2022 is that PR is working more and more as part of an integrated strategy, rather than a stand-alone service.  

PRs can now expect to work within larger marketing teams on integrated strategies with social media, overall marketing, SEO and email marketing to achieve an all-encompassing output that covers all bases and touch points with a customer.  

Whether it’s sourcing all your services from a marketing or PR agency or utilising an external PR as an addition to an internal team, clear and engaging communication is key.  

All those involved in the marketing strategy should be on the same page with outputs, messaging, timings, strategy and audience.  

Make sure you have the time and the platforms to communicate easily with one another. Platforms like Teams or Trello are great for this.  

Consider the tools you are using for media databases, reporting and communication. Do they still serve your needs in this changing landscape, or could they be improved or streamlined?  

Speak to your providers to see if they are offering any new services that you can make the most of within your team.  

If you’re unsure about what public relations means in 2022 or want to freshen up your strategy for the year ahead, our team are just a click away to answer your questions!  

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Abigail Henderson Account Manager
At Faith, Abigail is responsible for helping to manage client accounts and deliver communications plans, alongside crafting digital campaigns, designing client visuals, and landing features across a range of industries.