Junior School Pupils from Hipperholme Grammar School put their judicial skills to the test as they took part in a mock legal trial during a visit from BPP Law School, Leeds.

The trial – based on the children’s classic Goldilocks and the Three Bears – took place at the school’s Bramley Lane site, as part of the extra-curricular activities that the independent grammar school provides.

Pupils in Form 5 were invited to adopt significant courtroom roles such as defendant, court usher, police, witnesses and jury, as well donning costumes to help them get into character.

Following an impressive presentation of the evidence and facts surrounding the case by BPP Law students, the jury proceeded to find the accused, ‘Goldilocks’, guilty as charged.

Designed to show children how a courtroom works, the trial also enabled pupils to practise their debating and public speaking skills as they reached their final decision.

Mike Parker, KS2 lead and Form 5 teacher, said: “We would like to thank students from BPP Law for highly educational session. The children gained a lot from the mock criminal trial of Goldilocks, including a good insight into the English legal system.

“They showed admiral reasoning skills and patience whilst listening to all the evidence presented.  Perhaps we may have a few budding lawyers, barristers or even judges in our ranks.”

George Robinson, a trainee solicitor at BPP Law, said: “The aim of our session was to introduce law to Junior School pupils in a fun way and teach them about how it affects them in a real-life situation, as well as the repercussions of criminal behaviour.

“The class were really engaged and keen to get involved. Some of them were discussing degree level topics, which was amazing to see.”

Katie Pearson, a trainee barrister at BPP, added: “These sessions are a great way to encourage children to consider a career in law. If we have at least inspired one pupil to choose that path, then we have made a difference.”

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