Adare SEC has committed to several sustainability projects to further strengthen its environmental, social and governance impact.

The £70 million turnover firm, which specialises in integrated communication solutions, last year received an EcoVadis Silver rating for its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices – meaning the business was in the top 15 per cent of companies evaluated by the organisation.

Adare SEC continues to ensure it is a business operating ethically and the evaluation by EcoVadis, an independent CSR assessment agency, covers 21 criteria across four themes; environment, fair labour practices, ethics/fair business practices and supply chain.

As the business sets its sights on a Gold award in 2019, Adare SEC has unveiled several sustainability projects – one of which includes a target to recycle thousands of tonnes of materials from its West Yorkshire facility as part of its ongoing commitment to reducing landfill.

The leading provider of integrated communication solutions, distributes over 750 million printed documents as part of its multi-channel solution for sectors including utilities, retail, finance and insurance – with 450 million documents printed each year from its Huddersfield base.

The environmentally-friendly focussed project was launched in February 2018 at its Huddersfield site – and revealed promising results which included recycling a total of nearly 1,000 tonnes of waste from the start date to August 2018.

By the end of 2018, the business was said to have recycled around 1,500 tonnes of materials altogether – an amount that could fill six, single-storey homes.

General waste to landfill has vastly improved too – from 88 tonnes sent by October 2018 compared to the 176 tonnes in 2017.

Phase three of the project is underway, with the Huddersfield site’s office areas the key target for the team’s recycling efforts as they dispose of unwanted paper and waste.

Heather Round, warehouse manager based in Adare SEC’s Huddersfield premises, has led on the project and said: “We have seen a huge environmental impact from our focused efforts to recycle. It has been a fantastic project to have managed and we are continuing our efforts to reduce waste and recycle even further.”

Further plans to reduce its landfill include Adare SEC linking with regional schools to donate essential materials such as paper reels.

Rachael Nevins, CEO of Adare SEC, added: “Our commitment to social, economic and environmental impacts is a significant part of how Adare SEC conducts its day-to-day business. Recycling and landfill reduction are incredibly important topics that we simply cannot ignore either and it’s something that we will continue to do at Adare SEC to play our part in such a global concern.”