Online retailer, Approved Food, is welcoming the re-opening of pubs which will boost the supply of Marmite after a year-long shortage of the popular spread.

Production of Marmite was dramatically affected when the UK went into lockdown last March due to a shortage of brewer’s yeast, a key ingredient in the controversial product.

Approved Food is the UK’s largest online-only retailer of short-dated food and drink and has experienced first-hand the various product shortages that have occurred as a result of the pandemic.

Managing director of Approved Food, Andy Needham, said: “Production of Marmite has been significantly affected by the nationwide pub closures. This is a prime example of the knock-on effect that Covid-19 restrictions have had on manufacturers across the world. Brewers weren’t brewing, so the yeast needed for products like Marmite and Bovril wasn’t being created, at least not at the previous capacities.”

Marmite confirmed that they were limiting production due to the pandemic. For a period of time, the manufacturer was only able to produce 250g jars due to a shortage of one of its key ingredients.

Andy continued: “The limited re-opening of pubs this week is fantastic news. It means that not only will the hospitality sector be able to start recovering but production of by-products, such as brewer’s yeast, will receive a much-needed boost, allowing firms to ramp up production levels and get their products back on our shelves.”

Marmite is just one example of the products that have been in short supply as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Covid-19, coupled with the effects of Brexit and the recent delays in the Suez Canal, has had a huge impact on retailers and manufacturers both in the UK and overseas.

“Here at Approved Food,” Andy added, “we have seen the impact of these events and we know that they have been felt across the globe.

“There has been a shortage of many products historically sourced from the Far-East as costs of containers and packaging have sky rocketed. We are hopeful that once the economy starts reopening, availability of these products will follow suit and hopefully many will be produced and sourced locally once again.”

Part of the Morris & Son Group, Approved Food sources perfectly good ‘problem stock’ directly from food manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors, that may otherwise end up as waste.