An alarm clock app aimed at changing the way the world wakes up, called Snoozle, has created a crowdfunding buzz – blitzing its six-figure target in less than 10 hours.

Snoozle allows users to create and send voice messages which play at the time their friends have set their own alarm.

Snoozle helps make the first few minutes of every day better by waking the world up with personalised messages from friends, family and social media influencers – and it’s different every day, so no more dreading the sound of your alarm tone.

Crowdfunding buzz
Snoozle, the brainchild of Phil Neale and brother Dan, became the number one ‘Investment Opportunity’ during the week of its campaign launch on crowdfunding site Seedrs – as their £100,000 ambition was achieved in just hours.

That funding will now go towards developing the app’s capabilities even further by enhancing the experience for iOS users and making it available on Android ahead of officially launching in 2018.

Speaking of Snoozle’s inspiration and remarkable rise, Phil, said: “I came up with the idea whilst at university because my girlfriend would send me voice notes on my phone reminding me about key facts for the next day’s exam.

“I’d manually set these voice messages as my alarm tone and I found that by waking up to a friendly and helpful voice was a much more pleasurable and fun way to get a head-start on an important day.

“We want to make the first few minutes of every day better for people and make this the audio platform of sleep.”

Phil began building the business in 2015 at the same time as being a Britain’s Got Talent finalist with family singing group The Neales.

The Birmingham-based quartet, including Phil (27) and Dan (29) as well as their brother and father, reached the Live Final of the TV talent show contest – and infamously knocked Adele off of top spot in the UK Independent Singles Chart with their 2016 record ‘I’ll Be There’.

Early adopters
Now firmly focused on making Snoozle a success, co-founders Phil and Dan are welcoming feedback from the thousands of early adopters around the world who have already downloaded the Snoozle Beta (that is live on the App Store right now).

There are exciting product developments ahead too, including plans to roll Snoozle out across smart watches and smart speakers such as Amazon Echo.

The duo are also developing exciting elements to the app such as Snoozle Lullabies, which will include guided meditation, sleep inducing nature sounds and other audio content. They plan to build a network of ‘Wake Up Artists’ made up of talented, up-and-coming influencers and content creators, that Snoozle – in turn – will help to promote.

Investor and successful business owner Eric McClenaghan has come on-board to help Snoozle grow its online audience and make it an attractive target for large social apps looking to serve content to users in a different way.

He said: “I love the idea of Snoozle and didn’t have to think twice about investing. Phil and Dan are fantastic guys and the idea of having a slice of social media time that nobody else is in, was the fundamental reason to invest.”

Phil is encouraging individuals, brands and businesses who believe in Snoozle’s mission to get in touch.

He added: “We would love Snoozle to be a platform for up-and-coming content creators and influencers to shine; that’s what the Wake Up Artist community is all about. We’d love to hear from anyone interested in helping our content to grow.”

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