Social media marketing is a highly competitive field, and with so many of us using multiple platforms as part of our everyday lives, it’s important to be seen by the right people.

What may be a common platform to use for one person, is not going to be the same for another. The amount of time we spend on one platform, to how we interact with content further adds confusion for many brands when it comes to planning their social media strategy.

Many brands have legacy pages from previous years and have continued to use those, but with consumer habits constantly evolving, it’s worth knowing where your audience are now spending their time. We’ve pulled together 75 social media marketing statistics to help inform your digital strategy.

75 useful social media marketing statistics


  • Facebook has 2.74 billion monthly active users
  • It is the third most visited website, outranked by Google and YouTube
  • 57% of Facebook’s audience is male – currently Facebook limits gender reporting to male and female
  • 32% of Facebook’s audience is aged 25-34
  • Users spend approximately 34 minutes per day on Facebook
  • 80% only access Facebook on a mobile device
  • 8 billion people use Facebook Groups
  • 96% of Facebook users use at least one other social media platform
  • An average Facebook user clicks on 12 ads per month
  • The average engagement rate for Facebook posts is 0.18%
  • The average engagement rate for Facebook video posts is 0.26%



  • Instagram has over 1 billion Instagram monthly active users
  • 995 photos are uploaded on Instagram every second
  • The median posting cadence across all industries is 4 posts per week
  • 510 million Instagram users are female, and 490 million are male
  • 500 million+ accounts use Instagram Stories every day
  • The average Instagram user spends 30 minutes a day on the app
  • 70% of shopping enthusiasts turn to Instagram for product discovery
  • 90% of people on Instagram follow at least one business
  • 50% are more interested in a brand when they see ads for it on Instagram
  • Photos showing faces get 38% more Likes than photos not showing faces
  • Images with a high amount of negative space generate 29% more Likes than those with minimal negative space



  • LinkedIn has 660 million members with 30 million registered companies
  • 9 billion content impressions
  • Over 1 billion interactions every month
  • LinkedIn users only spend on average 17 minutes per month on the platform
  • 57% of LinkedIn users are male
  • 90% of LinkedIn users also have a Facebook account
  • 57% of LinkedIn users access the platform from their mobile devices
  • 75% of people who change jobs use LinkedIn to inform this decision
  • 60% of users are aged 25-34
  • 91% of marketers use LinkedIn as the number one platform when they want to access professionally relevant content
  • Video content gets five times more engagement than content without



  • Twitter has 353 million monthly active users
  • 500 million tweets being posted every day – which is approximately 6,000 tweets per second
  • 80% of users are active on a mobile device
  • 62% of users are male
  • 26% of Twitter users are more likely to retweet if the URL us in the middle of the tweet
  • 47% of users are likely to purchase from a brand they follow
  • 60% of users expect a brand to respond to any customer service requests within one hour
  • 53% of tweets with quotes are more likely to be retweeted
  • Tweets including question marks receive 39-52% fewer clicks
  • Tweets with one hashtag are 69% more likely to be retweeted than those with two
  • The ideal length for a tweet is 70-100 characters



  • YouTube has over 1.9 billion global active users
  • Users spend on average 41.9 minutes per day
  • 32% of YouTube customers are aged 25-34
  • 82% of people use YouTube as a source of entertainment
  • 37% of viewers ages 30 to 49 use YouTube as a news source
  • 18% of people use YouTube specifically to follow brands and companies
  • 500 minutes of YouTube videos uploaded every minute – which is approximately 30,000 hours of video uploaded every hour
  • YouTube reported two billion people logged in to the platform daily and one billion hours of video watched per day
  • YouTube accounted for 21% of global video streaming traffic



  • TikTok has 113.99 million monthly active users
  • Users spend an average of 31 minutes per day on the platform
  • Largest age group are 18-24 year olds
  • 22% of users follow brands on TikTok
  • Combined, TikTok and “Tik Tok” are the third most common search query on YouTube
  • 176 different songs surpassed 1 billion video views in 2020
  • TikTok ranks as the second-biggest app in consumer spend
  • 63% of TikTok ads with the highest CTR put their message upfront
  • Vertical TikTok videos shot have a 25% higher watch-through rate
  • 33% of top-performing ads on TikTok break the fourth wall



  • Pinterest has 459 million monthly active users
  • Users spend on average 14.2 minutes per day
  • Largest age group are 50-64 year olds
  • 85% of Pinners use the mobile app
  • 240 billion Pins have been saved by users
  • 60% of Pinterest users are women
  • 89% of users are on Pinterest for purchase inspiration
  • 98% of users have tried something they’ve seen on Pinterest
  • 97% of searches on Pinterest aren’t brand related
  • 20% of consumers follow brands on Pinterest
  • 80% of weekly Pinners have discovered a new brand or product on Pinterest
  • 85% of weekly Pinners have started a project, like planning for a wedding or a birthday

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