Social media is constantly changing and with new updates springing up left, right and centre so we have pulled together a list of updates you need to know this week.


Every now and again a new social media feature is announced that makes everyone at Faith HQ a little giddy with excitement. There are no prizes for guessing the announcement that’s got us on the edge of our seats this time, which is, of course, the updated character limit on Twitter[1]!

The latest update has been one of the most requested for a long time and it’s finally here! Users will now be able to take full advantage of the 140 character count without having to worry about squeezing in usernames and media attachments.

It may not seem like a lot but those extra characters normally reserved for images and @names will make the world of difference for brands everywhere. Are you rejoicing over the fact images, gifs and usernames will no longer eat into the precious 140 character limit?


Over on Facebook they’ve begun trialling a new feature called “What friends are talking about”[2], which collects posts from your friends in a section at the top of your news feed. It’s hoped this feature will encourage conversations between family and friends, but could it spell bad news for brands?


There have been rumours for a while that a select group of users had been chosen to test
out the latest tool on Instagram which allows users to filter comments on photos, including keywords and emojis *cough* Taylor Swift. Well, it turns out this new update has been rolled out to the masses and we can now all avoid spam like snake emojis by choosing to make a simple change to our settings[3]!

Alongside this, Instagram has also updated the stories function. If you’ve not heard of Instagram stories it’s essentially very similar to Snapchat! You can upload multiple photos and videos that combine into a slideshow format, and they’ll disappear after 24 hours. The recent update includes a mute button, the option to save videos and images from your story to your camera roll and coloured text. Surely it’s only a matter of time until they unveil some fun filters too like Snapchat?

What do you think of the new updates? Are you on team overrated or team overdue? Tweet us @Faith_PR and let us know your thoughts.