Hipperholme Grammar School will be flying out a group of young people to Asia as part of a once-in-a-lifetime humanitarian trip to help villages and schools across Borneo.

A group of seven current and former pupils, aged 16-18, and Hipperholme Grammar School geography teacher, Richard Griffiths, will be spending four weeks exploring the tropical wildness of the Sarawak state of Malaysia, volunteering in various communities and visiting an orangutan sanctuary.

humanitarian trip

Called ‘The Camp Borneo Jungle School Expedition’, the summer trip has been organised by Hipperholme Grammar School’s Head of Geography, Charlotte McDonnell, after she did a similar humanitarian visit to Kenya whilst at university.

“This is something completely new for the children and it was something I wanted to bring to the school when I joined two-years-ago because of my own experience as a student which I absolutely loved. It changed my whole outlook on life,” she said.

“They will get to do so many things and help so many people, it’s a money-can’t-buy experience. They’re so excited and counting down until they can get on the plane.”

Each teenager has had to raise £4,200 to go on the trip on July 19th, so they have been holding a variety of events from non-uniform days to cake sales.

Charlotte, who arranged the adventure through ethical social enterprise Camps International, wants to organise more expeditions for Hipperholme Grammar School pupils in the future to the likes of the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador.