Faith PR team: team musings

Faith PR team: (left to right) Matt, Emily, Stef, Kate, Abi, Nicole, Gill, Kirsty and Freya

The pandemic lockdown was a weird (and daunting) moment in history for all of us – six months on, we’re reflecting on what we miss about life before and what we came to value more during the height of lockdown.

What do you miss about your life before the pandemic?

Nicole: Probably the ability to just ‘pop out’ somewhere, whether that’s to a family member’s house or out for some food without having to book or check availability. Oh, and not having to take a mask everywhere you go!!

Stef: The freedom of movement and ability to do things spontaneously without planning and restrictions, whether it’s going for a meal with friends or meeting up with family. And just the simple act of giving someone a hug. I also miss in person meetings with clients. The decrease in travel has been nice and means I’ve won back lots of time, but you can’t beat a face-to-face catch up.

Gill: I remember exchanging hugs with friends when we said goodbye and I miss those simpler, more carefree times. I miss being able to just wander around…without wearing a mask and having to politely avoid strangers!

Abi: The ease and luxury of being able to go see my friends, family, and boyfriend. I think we all took that for granted pre-covid.

Emily: Being able to hug my parents and just go round for Sunday dinner, as well as socialise with my friends.

Kate: Definitely being able to see friends. I’ve seen my bestie twice since lockdown started, once on his birthday and once on mine, whereas normally we’d have been out shopping and to the pub but all we’ve done is talk on the phone and text! And also dancing – what’s a Saturday night in Brighouse without dancing round your handbag to Rick Astley in the Calder. Sad days.

Kirsty: Other than the obvious of seeing friends and family (in the comfort of our own homes!), I honestly really miss time to myself to unwind, relax and looking after my own mental well-being. On a lighter note – I miss coming home to an excited dog – you never leave them in lockdown  – so you don’t get that happy “welcome home” dance that dogs do!

Matt: I miss the process of coming into work every day, chatting to the team, going for lunches. I’m really social, so being stuck at home can be frustrating sometimes.

Unused items in your home – which things are now mostly redundant?

Kate: The iron. And anything with a proper waistband.

Emily: Definitely the iron!

Nicole: Probably my iron too, I can’t remember the last time I used it.

Gill: Office clothes have been chucked to the back of my wardrobe! Who even wears heels nowadays?! Happily, replaced with joggers, hoodies, and trainers…or even my slippers! This new trend is definitely here to stay!

Abi: My collection of heels! My poor shoes must be feeling very unloved.

Stef: During the initial lockdown my heels, lipsticks and handbags became totally redundant – at least they’re a getting a bit of use again now on the days we are in the office! I do wonder when I’ll be able to wear my ‘going out’ clothes again – the thought of going to a black tie do or even just a night out seems very distant at the moment.

Kirsty: Definitely make up – that’s been untouched since March, and probably expired now! During the lockdown I had no idea where my handbag was – or what even was left in it from “before”.

Matt: Since I shaved my hair in lockdown, my hair wax, hairdryer, and hair spray haven’t been used since April! I’m gradually growing my hair out so hopefully; it won’t be too long until I can use them again!

And which have become more important?

Abi: The toastie maker.

Stef: Like most people – lounge wear (much to my husband’s horror). What’s the point of wearing uncomfortable trousers etc when people can only see the top half on zoom calls! Also my trainers – running has always been my go-to de-stressing tool but being able to just lace up my trainers and head out into the fresh air has definitely helped keep me sane over the past six months. More than anything though, it’s made me realise how much of a haven our home is and how lucky we are to have it.

Kirsty: If anything, it’s made me value items less. TV, subscription services, etc. The real things that are important are the connections we have with each other. But for a more light-hearted response, I’d go with some decent loungewear.

Gill: Joggers, hoodies, and trainers…or even my slippers! This new trend is definitely here to stay!

Emily: The iPad and TV! I used to get wound up about the kids using too much tech, but I’ve realised that they need downtime just as much as us grown-ups like to veg in front of the TV on an evening after a long day.

Kate: WhatsApp. If it hadn’t been for all the hilarious memes and being able to share them with friends and family, I think I’d have gone mad.

Nicole: With cafés closed, I definitely got more use out of my coffee machine. My phone as well; it’s been a godsend so I can keep in touch with family and friends.

Matt: My desk in my room, before lockdown it used to be a dumping ground for clothes, books, and a whole list of other assortments. Since lockdown, I have tried to create a productive working space.

What have you splurged on?

Stef: The garden – at the start of lockdown my husband Carl decided to build a pergola for the garden (seeing as we were spending so much time in it!) which we kitted out with a garden sofa, plants, fairy lights and a fire pit.
With the best of intentions, we also bought a sewing machine – but as yet, ahem, it remains unused. It looks good though!

Emily: Outside furniture and wall paint to spruce up the house as we’re looking to move.

Matt: Despite not leaving the house I have somehow still been managing to splurge on clothes! I have also started buying house plants to bring some life into my room, however, these aren’t fairing too well though.

Gill: A few new tv channels like Disney Plus – how many times have I now watched The Lion King?! Spending so much time at home has encouraged me to replace a few tired bit and bobs, like a new chair or rug. And my new online shopping habit is going to be extremely hard to break…

Kirsty: I bought new towels and a new pan set during lockdown, but to top that, we bought a new house! Hah.

Nicole: Comfy clothes, (way too many) takeaways and with baby groups cancelled, we’ve bought a lot of toys and things to keep my daughter entertained.

Abi: Nothing major, I’m trying to be a lockdown saver!

Kate: A wine fridge. It wasn’t cheap but it’s practical and beautiful – it has an ultraviolet light that you can put on to illuminate your prosecco and pretend you’re in a club, or when the lights are off the door has a mirror effect.