linkedin company page

LinkedIn is recognised as the world’s largest, and most active professional networking platform, hosting over 13 million companies, all of which are competing for the attention of the half a billion users with a registered profile.

Existing as the preferred social media network for B2B marketers-with over 92% using it over other platforms, it is something that people keen to make their name in the world of business cannot really ignore.

Whether you work for a large company or own your own small business, we recommend setting up a LinkedIn company page for your business sooner rather than later – you may find that one has been created for you automatically.

However, bear in mind that users will not only visit your page to see what content has been shared, but more specifically to learn about the company as well as the people who work there.


Quality images

You need to make sure that your company profile is in line with current branding and looks both professional, and of a high quality. Make sure the profile image and cover image are sized to fit LinkedIn’s dimensions.

A strong ‘About’ section

By creating a strong about section, your brand, and company will also appear strong. It is important to deliver your key messages but limit the use of Jargon. Also, make sure to include a link in your email signature, blogs and articles. It’s often a good idea to include the LinkedIn follow button on your website.

Include employees

As we mentioned earlier, people visit your LinkedIn company page to look at your employees, so it is important to make sure their own personal profiles, especially those in higher positions, are in line with branding and appear professional. We suggest encouraging all employees to regular share content from your company page for added reach.

Watch your content

Whilst there needs to an element of advertising on your page, it’s important to stay away from only producing very sales-based posts that scream ‘my product or service is amazing’. Instead, why not write an article or small post that shows your knowledge of a related sector, or comment on industry news relating to a product you sell.

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