Over the last few weeks, we have seen many brands doing great things to help the world during the COVID-19 pandemic and initiate response campaigns. This includes companies creating new campaigns, offering support and providing free services, all of which have helped make people’s lives a bit easier and more positive during this chaotic time. Here we take a look at what brands have been doing for others.



Many children rely on their breakfast club programmes to provide them with a healthy start to the day. But as schools are closed at the moment, Heinz has teamed up with the charity Magic Breakfast to create the ‘Breakfast isn’t going anywhere’ campaign to provide 12 million breakfasts to school children who are at risk of starting their day hungry.

Heinz has stated that the 12 million breakfasts equate to one breakfast a day, five days a week for eight weeks for children who depend on their school’s breakfast programme.


Pret’s doors are still open as it is now operating as a takeaway. The company is providing NHS workers with great benefits (absolutely well deserved), giving free hot drinks and a 50% discount on all Pret products.


Many elderly people are too scared to go shopping for fear of catching the potentially life-threatening virus; others are just overwhelmed by panic buyers and busy environments.

Therefore, along with several other supermarkets, Iceland has allocated a specific time slot during opening hours purely for OAPs. They have dedicated between one and three hours in the day to the elderly to make them feel more at ease whilst they are doing their shopping.


The PrettyLittleThing founder and CEO Umar Kamami is donating his salary in March to support small businesses that have been impacted by COVID-19.  Additionally, he will be providing mentoring to small businesses that require it. Umar was a small business owner once, so he can empathise with the struggles that such companies face.


Driven by IKEA Spain, the brand has created an advert about reconnecting with your home. The campaign urges people to practice social distancing, using #StayHome to drive engagement on social media. The ad highlights how your home is your safe place when times are bad and suggests that lockdown is the time to rearrange furniture.


The parent company of Louis Vuitton has pledged to dedicate its perfume factories to manufacturing hand sanitiser to meet an anticipated shortfall amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The company will be suppling sanitiser free of charge to the French hospitals battling the COVID-19 outbreak.


Much like LVMH, the independent brewer BrewDog has created its own hand sanitiser at its distillery in Aberdeenshire. The brand is giving away free sanitiser to those who need it, including hospitals, charities and local people.

It is amazing how people are sticking together through this uncertain and unusually dark time. The level of CSR we are witnessing from brands through their campaigns and support is exactly what we as a world, need and value in a time of crisis.