As the spookiest day of the year approaches, brands and organisations have been coming up with some interesting strategies to bring a little bit of fear-factor into their marketing campaigns. We’ve had a look at some of the best Halloween marketing campaigns from this year and beyond. 

Lottie London: #bloodforbeauty and #beautyforblood 

For the past couple of years, cosmetics company Lottie London has been developing their initiative, #bloodforbeauty and #beautyforblood – a campaign which asks people for proof of blood donation via social media, in exchange for entry into a competition to win beauty products.  

This year, Lottie London partnered with the NHS Blood and Transplant department in conjunction with Black History Month, aiming to raise awareness of sickle cell disorder and the urgent need for blood donors of black heritage.  

Last year, #bloodforbeauty was viewed nearly 170,000 times on TikTok, encouraging people across the UK to donate blood and spread the word on social media about the need for donations.

@lottielondon pay for the #lottiexthevampirediaries collection by donating blood ???? #lottielondon#bloodforbeauty#RealTalkWithCharmee♬ Countless – BCD Studio

Fanta: QR codes and creepy makeovers

Fanta is continuing with its yearly on-pack promotion, encouraging buyers to scan a QR code on limited edition ‘ghoulish’ drinks, which will then take them to the Coca-Cola app where they can play games and win prizes in the ‘Haunted Mansion’, or even face a scary surprise… 

Last year’s campaign was a big success, seeing a 19% value growth for the brand after being extended across other flavours and zero-sugar versions for the first time. 

Fruit-tella: Halloween Hotel interactive experience

Teaming up with Wavemaker last year, Fruit-tella launched an interactive Halloween marketing campaign called ‘Halloween Hotel’, a voice activated skill game on Amazon Alexa. With a daily countdown starting in September, the campaign encouraged families to come back each day and ask Alexa to ‘open’ a new door, revealing interactive games, jokes, special prizes, and spooky stories. Brand owners Perfetti Van Melle said a third (30%) of shoppers were planning to shop for themed-lines eight weeks before Halloween in conjunction with the campaign. 

Netflix: Chills and Thrills

For the past few years, Netflix has been putting a spooky spin on the famously associated phrase, turning it into ‘Netflix and Chills’ and telling subscribers ‘embrace your fear”’.  

The streaming service put infographics up on its social media, highlighting family-friendly movies and Netflix Originals.  

This year’s ‘Netflix and Thrill’ campaign showcases some of the best new and old eerie films and shows arriving on the streaming service this month, with the streaming debut of this year’s popular horror movie, ‘Talk To Me’, generating a lot of buzz.  

Lush: Halloween Collection

Not ones to ever miss out on a good marketing opportunity; every year, Lush Cosmetics launches a fresh set of exciting new products to celebrate Halloween.  

From a bright blue lip scrub to pumpkin spice bath melts, their current collection centres around a science experiment ‘gone wrong’, with the illustrious Lord Misrule creating mischief in the form of scented candles and body spray… 

@victoriacanavan The Lush Lord Of Misrule body spray @Lush Spa Bath @LUSH #lush#LushCosmetics#LushCommunity#FYP#fypuk#selfcare#skincare#bodyspray#body#spray#lordofmisrule#lushlordofmisrule#giftset#thankyou#halloween#lushhalloween#spooky#scary♬ Pumpkin Halloween – botabateau

Marmite: Trick or Treat

In both 2018 and 2020, Marmite ran a Trick or Treat campaign dedicated to both haters and lovers of the divisive spread. Fans of the spread could buy special limited-edition jars of Marmite labelled ‘treat’, while others could be on the receiving end of a jar labelled ‘trick’ – a fun way of playing into the love-hate product branding Marmite have become known for. 

Kraken Rum: Screamfest VII: Shock Exchange

This year, American rum brand, Kraken, is opening up a pop-up horror bar in London, where the price visitors pay for their drinks will be decided by their own heart rate. Guests will be given a spooky underground experience whilst wearing heart monitors, with ‘more scares per minute than the best horror movies”’.  

At the end of the experience, those who manage to keep their heart rates lower will pay less at the bar, while guests with higher heart rates will pay higher prices. Worth a try for a potentially discounted cocktail, or a terrifying gamble?

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