Did you know a single journalist can receive around 800 press releases per day from people pitching their stories and press releases? Crazy, right?  

That’s why your press release needs to stand out from the crowd.  

Unsure how to do this? Our Junior PR Executive, Georgina, shares her top press release writing tips to help you create a successful press release.  

What is a press release? 

A press release is a document that is written specifically for the media, that reveals a newsworthy story, event, appointment or new product. If your company is generating news, a press release is the way to get it out there!  

The ultimate goal for a company issuing a press release is to gain exposure for their product, service or brand.  

A press release can help a business to build awareness and trust with existing and prospective customers, and increase traffic to their website or stores by featuring in relevant publications. 

Here at Faith, we distribute high volumes of press releases every week, but did you know that PR is not just about writing press releases?  

A successful PR strategy will blend multiple PR services to achieve the best results. Check out which services typically make up a retainer here

Why are press releases important? 

It’s important to assess the newsworthiness of your story before starting work on your press release. The story must be of interest to your target audience and the news outlets they engage with.  

Press releases must reveal something new and exciting to grab the attention of the press, while it’s also important to think about the type of media you are sending it to.  

Will they be interested in this story? Does it suit their audience?  

There are different types of media that you can direct your press releases to. Think about who you are trying to reach with the news – is that media specific to a certain industry or is it read by the consumer masses?  

Would the story sit well in a glossy women’s magazine, or be more suited to the business section of a regional paper?  

For example, Good Housekeeping would be a great title to share the launch of your new home décor line with.  

However, A1 Lighting would be more interested in an app developer who is creating a product specifically for the lighting industry.  

Top press release writing tips 

  1. Keep it brief and concise – a press release should be no longer than two pages, but aim for around one page if possible. Busy journalists want to be able to gather information concisely and quickly for their stories. 
  2. Use attention-grabbing headlines – your headline should not only sum up your story, but it should also engage and command interest.  
  3. Always include a release date – so that the journalist/editor knows the date of your story and how relevant it is to the current news agenda. 
  4. Convey the key facts in your first paragraph – who, why, what, where, when, how? These are all questions that should be answered within your first paragraph. 
  5. Expand the story – but keep it lean– each subsequent paragraph from the first should keep adding more interest to the story. Do not waffle, only answer the important questions within your release. 
  6. Include compelling quotes – add a comment from a representative from your business, but make sure all quotes are informative and interesting, and share some additional insights. 
  7. Add branding such as a logo and a link to get your company’s name out there – a press release is about raising brand awareness, so include your branding and CTAs to ensure clear and consistent messaging. Also make sure to add a ‘notes to editors’ section at the end of your release so that journalists can read up on your company background. 

Nearly 70% of journalists spend less than a minute reading a press release, so you need to make sure yours is unique and eye-catching.  

If you need help with your press releases, talk to us!  

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