social media for business

It’s no secret that social media for business use has become a foundation in the way connections are made between a brand and its customers. The general public are becoming more reliant on using social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or LinkedIn, to source recommendations, get the low down on the latest products, and most commonly check the brand’s credibility. Managing social media for a business can be a hard task when there is a ‘business etiquette’ to follow – but don’t panic – we have pulled together our top recommendations just for you!



Be active – regular, good quality content is necessary for your business to do well online. Share updates about your products/services as well as content that your audience is likely to engage with, just so long as it’s relevant to your business.

Know your audience – understanding who your customers are and the communities they engage with is vital to ensuring the content you are posting is not only interesting to your audience, but relevant too.

Keep the same voice – it’s important to know your brand’s tone of voice and maintain on your social media channels. Don’t confuse your followers by changing how you speak to them. It’s as easy as ABC – always be consistent.

Provide customer service – use social media as an extension of your offering. Reply in a timely manner, keep a professional attitude and never ignore (or delete!) negative feedback.

Think visually – it’s a well-known fact that videos and images achieve higher levels of engagement. The daily consumption of video is on the rise so think about ways you can incorporate short, relevant and engaging clips in your content.

Have fun – be creative, be entertaining, be human! Social media for business does not have to be formal and corporate so add some personality and keep it fun.


Post for the sake of it – whilst it’s an absolute must to update your profile with regular content, it’s important not to spam people. A recent survey carried out by Sprout Social found that 41% of people will unfollow a brand that doesn’t post relevant content.

Connect with everyone – quality over quantity every time. It’s better to have 100 active and engaging connections than 1,000 whom are very unlikely to ever use your products or services.

Forget to be social – it’s tempting to keep sharing new updates about your business, but you run the risk of being anti-social. Don’t allow for your feed to become a sales pitch!

Rely on automation – each platform has its own community, rules and formats and therefore content should be created with that in mind. Spending an extra few minutes tweaking posts to the platform in mind can help increase engagements.

Like your own stuff – a big no-no on social media. You’re there to share updates and connect with others, not to boost your own ego.

No one gets social media right all of the time,
Make sure you’re not making these three mistakes