From celebrities to major brands to someone who just understands – here at Faith Brand Communications we’ve been writing our Christmas dream PR clients wish lists. Let’s take a peek before they’re posted to the North Pole!


“I’d love to work with a major fashion house like Chanel, Gucci or YSL. I studied fashion and textiles up to A-Level and am obsessed with clothes, I think it would be really interesting getting to see behind the scenes of their global operations! Especially for such iconic brands. 

Innocent Smoothies would also be great to work with, they seem like such a fun brand and aren’t afraid to take risks with their marketing or try out social media trends.”


My dream client would be travel-related, for example, a brand that owns a string of chalets or villas, that ideally need to be fully experienced for us to do the best job possible for them (wink wink).  

“I’d also love to be able to make better use of my languages (French, German and Spanish) and work with more global clients. 

“On a serious note, on the whole, I simply want a client that understands PR and knows how to leverage it effectively. That includes being capable of regular comms, swift decision-making, providing strong or unconventional perspectives and seizing press opportunities. Someone who has a realistic budget (and is willing to share what it is!), provides ample advance notice for significant news, and avoids last-minute surprise briefings and then expects unrealistic feats… 

“They would be someone who actively listens and follows advice while also being open to giving constructive insight and feedback. The most successful partnerships occur when we operate as a cohesive team and enjoy working together, rather than being perceived merely as an external service provider.”


“I’d like to work with the actor Paul Mescal as he’s been in some really interesting film and TV projects like Aftersun and Normal People, and he’s already won a BAFTA TV Award as well as being nominated for an Oscar! I think it would be exciting to work with someone who’s still at the start of their acting career. 

“I also love Spotify’s ‘Wrapped’ marketing every year, as it’s become a big event to look forward to. It’s always shared by so many people on social media, and it’s even prompted other brands to create their own ‘Wrapped’-style roundups for their customers.”


“I feel like I should say one of my favourite bands, but it’s hard to think of a brand that’s more closely watched by its audience than a K-Pop star. 

“Instead, I’d have to say an escape room business. I love escape rooms, but I also think they’d be really fun to publicise! They always have a fun story to them, there’s always twists and turns, there would definitely be fun opportunities to make quizzes or hide clues as part of the marketing strategy, in true escape room style. I think there’s a lot of potential with a client like that. 

“I’d also enjoy some sort of Christmas themed light show or exhibition, just because I would love to be able to visit and then write about it!”


“I would say the RSC or The National Theatre

“I could liaise between fascinating artists and arts, broadcast and mainstream print and online media to raise awareness of the wealth of creativity and escapism available to enrich the lives of the general public, many of whom feel put upon by the pressures of modern life and who are fed a continually dumbed down ‘entertainment’ offering by cash strapped TV companies and dross on social media, stopping them thinking. Neither are too ‘out there’ in their offerings, so it would feel accessible, not elitist if communicated in the right way.” 


“My dream clients to work with would be Goose and Gander, and Harper Collins

“Goose and Gander is an affordable, unisex, comfy clothing brand. I would love to work on their social media because I rarely go a week without wearing their clothing. I discovered them through Instagram and would love to play around with short-form video content for the brand. 

“Harper Collins is one of the largest book publishers in the UK and publishes a wide variety of books every year. I’ve loved many of their fantasy releases, so combining my love for books and content creation would be the dream!” 


“I’d love to work with people like Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, they’re an absolute power couple who don’t do anything in front of the public eye and the public have a very positive perception of them. I think Lady Gaga would also be another brilliant one, she’s interesting and likes unusual things that keep people hooked, like the meat dress, and people want to publish stories about her. 

“For a brand, I think mine would be Aldi. They just seem like a brilliant, fun company to work with and don’t take themselves too seriously.” 

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Katie Sessions Account Executive
At Faith, Katie is responsible for helping to manage client accounts and deliver communications plans, alongside continuing to craft compelling stories that resonate with audiences.