The UK’s leading sleep expert, The Sleep Charity, has launched the Boarding School Training & Membership programme, a comprehensive initiative designed to help independent schools to prioritise their students’ wellbeing by addressing sleep-related issues.  

This course equips schools with evidence-based strategies to enhance students’ sleep patterns, positively influencing their mental health and overall wellness. 

Sleep is a vital pillar of wellbeing for everyone, with good sleep being known to improve memory, focus and concentration.  

The programme recognises the profound significance of quality sleep in a student’s developmental journey and offers a holistic approach to tackling sleep-related challenges within a school setting. 

Speaking of the launch, deputy CEO of The Sleep Charity, Lisa Artis, said: “Sleep is vital for young people and can seriously impact their academic performance.  

“Working with boarding schools, where lifestyles and academia intersect, is key to helping staff support students in all aspects of their emotional and mental wellbeing. 

“Through this programme, we hope to equip boarding schools with the tools needed to build a healthier boarding community for all involved.” 

Tom Hadcroft, senior vice principal at DLD College London, said: “The course has been a revelation for staff and students in raising awareness about this crucial area of our lives. 

“The impact for boarding schools is potentially huge. If wellbeing is to be considered in its truest sense, all boarding practitioners should have at least the base understanding of the concepts delivered in the course.” 

Through the programme, specialist, evidence-based training is provided to boarding school staff to equip them with the knowledge to support their community to sleep well and a toolkit that includes materials to share with students, staff and parents.  

Schools that complete the programme will be awarded the Boarding School ‘Sleep Friendly School’ accreditation mark. 

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