Our culture at Faith is rooted in six basic values.

These values are our DNA, they make us who we are. They run through every facet of our agency, from the way we recruit and manage our people through to how we meet and exceed the expectations of our clients, colleagues and business partners, day in and day out. 

At Faith we take a no fluff, pragmatic approach, we stay curious and think creatively and have the will and tenacity to get results. We’re a progressive, thinking team who will deliver professional excellence in order to exceed our clients’ expectations and build long-lasting relationships.

It is these values which set us above and beyond our competition and why we believe you should have faith and choose Faith.


Professional excellence.

We go above and beyond when it comes to servicing our clients and will always do the right thing. We set our standards high so we can exceed expectations and accomplish great work and the desired outcome. That work is done thoughtfully, efficiently and with an attention to detail.  

A no fluff, pragmatic approach.

We’re a straight-talking, pragmatic and proactive team. You can rely on us to challenge the brief or push boundaries. We’re not afraid to say ‘no’ and value open and candid conversations. We proudly take ownership of our work, holding ourselves accountable for results. 

A progressive, thinking team...

We pride ourselves on continuous improvement and our ability to evolve. We are forward-thinking in our approach and promote a one-team, one-goal mentality based on collaborative, long term partnerships and support. We lend a hand where we can and treat everyone with respect.

...that thinks creatively.

Creativity fuels better services, processes and innovation. We think creatively, not only when it comes to creating clever and meaningful campaigns, but also when it comes to trouble-shooting and solving problems. We explore all avenues of opportunity and consider alternative solutions and encourage thoughtful and inspirational ideas.

Always curious...

We embrace curiosity; it drives creativity and keeps us moving forward, exploring new ideas and considering fresh perspectives. We ask questions and challenge the status quo to get to the root cause of an issue. We push others to think differently and dig deeper so that we can deliver high standards and quality outcomes.  

...With the will and tenacity to get results.

We’re passionate about delivering results for our clients. We don’t shy away from challenges or stare blankly in the face of a problem. Whether it’s through clever and creative thinking, or pure and simple hard work, we’re a team of imaginative problem-solvers and have the skills, discipline and tenacity to make things happen and get the job done.