Being a new starter at Faith puts me in the unique position to give you first-hand insight into working at a West Yorkshire PR agency, using fresh eyes to see how everything fits together here. Details? I’ve got them. 

Here’s how it’s been so far at Faith… 

West Yorkshire 

Working in West Yorkshire is a delight and a joy. It means living and working in an area that’s full of opportunity and rich with history, taking a train ride each day that goes past countryside views and into little local towns. 

The people who work here are all West Yorkshire locals and proud. Many of us have lived elsewhere—London and Germany to name a few—but returned to our proud roots here. Our clients are often locally based Yorkshire companies too, so we have a network that spans around us, and a broad reach of people who also care about Yorkshire voices. When we work with clients from out of the area, we’re always excited to bring our background and the pride of Yorkshire to our work. 

For an area with so much inventive history, such as the discovery of stainless steel, the imagination of the Brontes and more, there’s no better place to sow your own seeds of innovation. 

The PR agency 

If you’re looking to work at a PR agency, finding a smaller business is a great place to start out. At a small to medium sized company everyone knows each other and can communicate well, and this friendly inter-personal dynamic means it’s a great place to learn and bounce ideas off one another. It also creates an open environment to be honest with each other and share responsibility for projects. For clients, you know you’re getting senior involvement and input into your accounts on a regular basis, rather than the large agency structure that delegates it further down the food chain. 

But what do we actually do here? 

Faith has many facets as a West Yorkshire PR agency. Our focus lies with brand communications, conveying our clients’ messages and stories to their audiences, but we can do much more—we also provide digital marketing campaigns, media relations, written content such as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) blogs, influencer outreach and more. My work with content writing has been personally fulfilling, supporting various aspects of our output with press releases, blog posts, social media copy, and awards copy among others. 

What’s it like? 

Working at an award-winning West Yorkshire PR agency is an invigorating, exciting place to be. It offers opportunity for growth while working with a capable and supportive team, and does so right from the heart of West Yorkshire, a lively county for connection and creativity. I’d recommend it if you’re looking to work in a similar sector or are finding yourself in need of our services. 

To learn more about what we do, get in touch with us. We’re also currently hiring, and Faith may be the place for you. 

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Katie Sessions Account Executive
At Faith, Katie is responsible for helping to manage client accounts and deliver communications plans, alongside continuing to craft compelling stories that resonate with audiences.