With the rise of social media platforms, there are a plethora of communication channels that may leave businesses in a state of confusion, and they may require external support to navigate through complex strategies.

They are constantly on the lookout for a medium to strategically communicate their brand’s message to their consumers. This is where a communications agency swoops in and helps businesses reach new heights.

What is a communications agency?

Put simply, a communications agency helps businesses to effectively communicate with their customers, including external and internal communications, to support the sales function in driving growth in business operations.

Businesses may have an understanding of how to maximise their operations and expand their growth. However, they may need a professional agency to meticulously execute the right communications strategies. Agencies can lend a helping hand to grab on to different opportunities by following a structured and organised plan.

Communication agencies specialise in providing bespoke strategies that help cater to all kinds of audiences from internal to external stakeholders.

Moreover, businesses of all sizes may require a diverse range of communications tactics and platforms – some organisations may use platforms such as Twitter and TikTok to communicate with their followers directly., Aldi is a great example of this

Other organisations may not necessarily require social media marketing. Some may require communications agencies to prepare their business for any unforeseen crisis and help implement strategies that may stabilise their operations and earn the trust back from their stakeholders.

The digital PR industry is booming with companies investing in PR and SEO to secure high-quality backlinksthat will help their website rank higher on Google.

Communication agencies assist businesses in gaining coverage in media publications and ensure they get their desired backlinks. This is done by a combination of methods that involves identifying a story and a hook– much the same as in traditional PR -providing SEO services, identifying key journalists, and targeting them with relevant information.

How can it support my business?

An active communications approach goes hand in hand with the continuous growth of a business. This requires actively engaging with consumers on all fronts – traditional media, email marketing, newsletters, advertisements, social media.

We were appointed by the UK’s largest online-only retailer of short-dated food and drink, to deliver bespoke communication strategies. The objective was to educate the media on tackling food waste while simultaneously generating brand awareness for Approved Food.

Our three-month strategic media relations campaign were:

  • Targeted media drop
  • Launch press release
  • Thought leadership commentary
  • Follow-up release in collaboration with waste prevention body WRAP (the Waste Resources Action Programme)

Our three-month Don’t Get Wasted campaign was a huge success, with media exposure across all media tiers that successfully established the brand at the heart of its consumer audience.

The campaign helped us secure:

  • 24 pieces of coverage across tier one media publications
  • Amassed a total reach of 1,432,334 with strong brand awareness
  • Four links with a domain authority rating of more than 35+
  • All pieces included 100% message delivery and calls-to-action

A communications agency is vital for businesses that wishes to take its relationship with its clients to a different level. They can help brands achieve success through constant and consistent engagement.

To learn more about how a communications agency can help you engage more with your customers and how to establish your brand through bespoke planning, get in touch with us