Digital PR is like traditional PR in several ways, but while traditional PR focuses on mass media like newspapers, magazines and broadcast, digital PR targets digital media platforms, content creators and influencers.

Digital PR focuses on creating content that will include relevant backlinks. This helps to gain more visibility across digital media platforms that are relevant to an organisation, in order to help increase web traffic and improve SEO visibility.

Why digital PR is important for your business

Digital is important for a business for the following reasons:

  • It achieves links on relevant and authentic sites – Securing content and a link on a digital platform that is relevant to your business is crucial. It will allow your business to be visible on a reputable site that is viewed by your target market.
  • You can gain a new audience and drive website traffic – placing content and a product or service on a website also opens a business to a new audience that it may never have engaged with before. This will help increase referrals to your website, which will boost your SEO rankings in the process.
  • Increases brand awareness and share of voice via thought leadership – Digital PR allows businesses to showcase their expertise through thought leadership content across various platforms in areas they specialise and operate in. By securing content that does this, you can increase brand awareness and credibility of your business, which will ultimately create trust in your brand.
  • It gives you an edge over competitors – by implementing a digital PR strategy, you will consistently be achieving high authority links from top-tier publications. Consistently achieving these links will give you a competitive edge over your competitors.

Digital PR strategies that you can implement

There is a range of different digital PR tactics, campaigns and strategies that can be implemented to secure links: 

  • Product placement – this is a crucial tactic if you are a product-driven business. By securing product placement coverage on a digital platform, you can drive traffic and more importantly potential revenue to your website. Creating product focused mailers (these can be tied into seasonal periods of key dates) will boost your inclusion in online shopping guides.
  • Thought leadership and expert insight – as touched upon earlier, having experts in the business who can discuss topics, issues and breaking news in your sector will help give your business an authoritative voice in your industry. Journalists will be looking for experts to inform their readers on an issue or topic and this is your chance to shine.
  • Newsjacking – while this ties in with the last point, it is an effective tactic that requires a rapid response. Newsjacking is all about monitoring and reacting to the news and offering up an expert in your team to provide expert knowledge when a news story breaks.
  • Data-driven campaigns – creating and implementing a data-driven campaign is a fantastic digital PR tactic. Journalists are hungry for unique and interesting stories that are underpinned by data. If you have access to strong data in the business, or commission some original research, then you can create a digital PR campaign around this. To encourage links, the data must be packaged in a visually appealing way and hosted on your business website – this will encourage linking from digital platforms.
  • Creative campaigns – if you have an idea that will stand out from the crowd and visually grab people’s attention then consider running a creative campaign. Provocative imagery and visual stunts are a fantastic way to create content that journalists will want to cover.

Digital PR can help your business earn high authority links on relevant digital media platforms that will help build your brand.

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