Award writing

Nothing says “we’re the best” like an expert, independent third-party endorsement that comes off the back of an award win. Sometimes, winning an award can be the difference between your prospective customer choosing your business or your competitor’s.

If you’re thinking about getting recognition for the work you or your business has done, but don’t know where to start, we can help. Faith has many years’ experience of writing winning entries. Whether it is for trade, local, regional or national awards, we can help your business achieve the credit it deserves.

We conduct extensive research to identify the most relevant awards for you, from industry, to business, to sector-specific and build a 12-month awards programme. ​We then take complete ownership of writing your award entry from scratch, ensuring it meets the necessary submission criteria. This includes using available documentation and interviewing you and any other relevant stakeholders with an element of evidence gathering. We also design your final submission, if necessary, so it is clearly presented and effectively highlights your key achievements and supporting evidence.

We ensure a smooth process through the following:​

  • Review and analysis of category choices aligned to the business story in order to maximise impact and results​
  • Client interviews with relevant team members (online, phone call or 1:1)​
  • Collection and preparation of supporting evidence ​
  • Fully drafted award submission to showcase and meet the category criteria​
  • Managed entry process so everything is done for you according to the awards rules​
  • Supporting evidence professionally presented​
  • Regular phone and email contact​
  • All approved entries uploaded onto the awards entry platforms