The PR industry is fast-paced and exciting, with no two days being the same. Working in an ever-evolving communications landscape means there’s always lots to learn, and various situations to adapt to, from campaign planning to crisis communication. 

Here at Faith, we’ve been thinking about all the things we wish we knew when entering PR, those little nuggets of information that are now intrinsic to our daily lives. 

Rhianne Lee, Social Media Executive 

“The importance of time management is the main thing that comes to my mind. When managing and working on lots of different projects and deadlines at once, being organised and able to manage your time is crucial. Before working in a marketing agency, I had no idea you had to track your time spent on tasks! 

Copywriting is everything. It’s an essential skill in all areas of marketing, and writing is the one thing you’ll probably do daily, whether that’s for social media content, emails or blogs. So, improving and investing time into being able to write better will help you throughout your marketing career, plus it’s a transferable skill.” 

Tom Coates, Head of Digital 

“One thing I wish I knew before getting into PR is that you don’t always get what you deserve, and that shouldn’t demotivate you. Often, a major campaign, which has been in planning for months, simply does not land – even if it contains new data, is insightful, and interesting. 

“Conversely, sometimes a campaign that has been pulled together much quicker, and with less time invested, can be very successful and pick up lots of coverage. 

“This makes strategy around timing, topic and audience ever more important, but it also proves that PR is not always an exact science, and X + Y does not always = Z. 

“Sometimes a formula that works one week will not work the next – and vice-versa -and that’s just the nature of the marketplace.”

Abigail Henderson, Account Manager 

“What I wish I knew when I started… everything! I started my career in PR after completing a degree in journalism, so my knowledge of the industry was quite limited, except for a two-week work placement at Faith that I completed in my final year at university. 

“If I had to pick one thing, it would probably be that so much goes into securing media coverage. It’s about building relationships and honing your craft in storytelling and identifying newsworthiness. 

“I think it’s easy to take for granted the news we consume when you’re not involved in it (I know I certainly did before I started my career in PR!) and can’t appreciate how much goes into it behind the scenes. Not just from PRs, but journalists, advertisers, platform creators, bloggers etc all have a role to play in delivering the news that we consume 24/7.”   

Stefanie Hopkins, Founder and MD 

“It’s a rollercoaster! While PR can be an exciting and rewarding career, it often involves navigating through unpredictable highs and lows. One day you might be basking in the glory of lots of tier one media coverage, and the next you could find yourself managing a full-blown crisis.  

“For anyone thinking about a career in PR, I would consider whether you have the emotional resilience required to handle the ups and downs. You need to be able to stay composed under pressure, manage stress effectively, and rebound from setbacks (I think my many years waitressing throughout college and uni were actually a good preparation ground for PR!). Deadlines, crisis management, and the need to respond promptly to events and clients can contribute to a demanding work environment. Not everyone is suited to it. 

“You also need to consider the 24/7 nature of the role. With trends and media platforms constantly evolving, it can be difficult to stay on top of industry trends, tech, and all the different comms channels to ensure what you’re doing remains effective. The constant news cycle and rise of social media means it can also be hard to switch off at times, especially when the media is mostly full of negativity, but to do PR well, you need to consume a lot of media and navigate this constantly changing landscape of media dynamics.” 

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Ellie Howorth