Thornton & Ross

T&R is one of the largest over the counter pharmaceutical manufacturers in the UK, and is headquartered in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

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The Brief

Among the news of event cancellations and postponements, T&R responded to the coronavirus pandemic with the announcement that their event would be delivered virtually; connecting and strengthening relationships with their online communities. The event was a collaborative campaign, with Faith PR working closely alongside the T&R brand team who extended the webinar invite to the sales force’s key contacts. Key internal executives also attended. The theme of the digital webinar was to explore the protective role of vitamin D3 against COVID-19 and included a panel of four internationally recognised expert speakers who reviewed the emerging evidence.


Our PR programme was created to allow T&R to showcase and promote its business knowledge of vitamin D3 and bone health, and cement the company’s position as a leader in information exchange on a local, regional and national level. The timing of the webinar also benchmarked a response to the COVID-19 outbreak. Faith PR carried out research to identify regional and national media who had an existing interest in vitamin D, or had previously written about it. These titles were added to the media list, covering a broad spectrum of genres. Following discussions with the speakers prior to the event, a digital press kit was created and a press released drafted, to be issued immediately post event.


The webinar took place on July 9th when more than 400 industry professionals dialled in. For those journalists and key healthcare professionals unable to attend, the media outreach continued and was maintained with the regular distribution of media material. Overall, the campaign approach generated over 13 positive articles in target media with key messaging relating to T&R’s vitamin D3 educational webinar and a combined total reach of 304,132. Exposure was across both print and online publications, with more coverage filtering through from the long lead media we approached and secured. Coverage ranged from magazines Top Santé, Saga and The Carer, through to Business Mondays and – showing the success of our PR campaign.