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The Brief

iHus appointed Faith to build its brand profile and drive awareness in the B2C and B2B marketplaces, with the primary objective of increasing sales of the firm’s bespoke granny annexes.

To do so, Faith was tasked with creating and executing a press office function to handle all inbound media enquiries, responding to and facilitating media opportunities accordingly​ and cultivating relationships with journalists in the media areas relative to iHus.

Faith was also tasked with leveraging iHus’s partnership with new brand ambassador Tony Blackburn and use him to create compelling media angles around the firm’s products, to strengthen its media footprint and brand awareness.


To achieve iHus’s brand-building objective and generating awareness of their products and services, Faith’s developed a media relations strategy around bespoke pitches, identifying journalists who had written about annexes to create media opportunities around property news as well as lifestyle and national news.

By positioning iHus as the expert on multigenerational living, injecting them into the conversation around the elderly care crisis, and stimulating discussion about the cost of care and the stigmatisation of the topic, Faith was able to introduce the relatively unknown iHus brand to the market as the champion of multigenerational living.

We utilised survey data, expert opinion and anecdotal experience to realise the strongest media pitches and best results possible for iHus.

Faith PR engaged with journalists on a national and regional level, responding to both reactive and proactive media enquiries to generate quality coverage in target publications.

The team at Faith successfully pitched a piece on Tony’s relationship with I’m a Celeb in order to angle iHus into tier-one media coverage in The Sun, pivoting to commentary on his relationship with iHus. Interest was maximised particularly in the over 50’s media and to strengthen national media stories with ‘celebrity’ commentary.



iHus has received regular high-profile media coverage in tier one publications, including The Sun, The Express and The Daily Mail – the latter alone generated over 1000 public comments and reached an audience of millions.

The PR effort also resulted in a large increase in website traffic, with 4,180 users on the day following publication of the Daily Mail article and 200-300 web visits per day throughout December, marking one of iHus’s best weekends ever for enquiries. In addition, iHus received positive feedback from The Sun journalists, recording 124 click-throughs to the website in the first hour of going live.

iHus has seen its brand profile increase significantly as a result of the PR activity, with January 2023 being the brand’s most successful sales month ever. The Faith team continues to work with iHus on an ongoing basis and continues to seek new themes and topics which may have a national media interest and can further positively position the brand.