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The UK’s leading door manufacturer, Premdor, appointed Faith PR to deliver a six figure integrated marketing campaign to launch a new collection of timber internal doors with matching lip veneers. This would be the first premium product range launched by the 90 year old company with the aim of achieving £1.6million in the first year of sales. Moving away from the traditional market of commodity doors would mean targeting a new audience which was initially trade followed by a consumer focus.

The new collection was inspired by the latest trends in fashion, interior design and colour which were then developed using Premdor’s Veneer Match technology. The interior doors were set to launch in October 2015 to the business’ existing market of builders and merchants as well as architects and consumers.

Faith PR was tasked with creating the new brand from the ground up which involved; a new name, brand and visual hierarchy for the collection sales support, promotional video and website in conjunction with their USA parent companies web department. The new brand needed to represent the aspirational positioning of the doors compared to Premdor’s existing collections. We were also tasked with a print media advertising campaign and PR and social media management surrounding the launch.

Within the Portfolio collection was four ranges; Natural, Exotic, Contemporary, Classic, each with a varying amount of colours, shades and styles.


Over the summer of 2015 we developed the ‘Portfolio’ brand and felt the word would resonate with the new primary audience of architects, specifiers and interior designers and also reflect the high quality of the range to the future consumer audience. We then looked to implement a multi-platform campaign across the UK which included direct mail, advertising, a brochure website and a planned PR, blogger outreach and social media strategy.

We created and developed the branding for the new Portfolio collection of 19 internal doors, focusing on an inspirational, aspirational and lifestyle positioning in the marketplace. We designed the launch literature which included an A4 64 page non-selling, design-focused hardback brochure, an A5 64 page technical specification brochure, bespoke hand finished veneer swatch book, direct mailers and adverts.

As well as printed material, we developed the online presence of the collection by designing and writing a new brochure website working closely with the Premdor programmers in Florida USA. The website showcased all 19 doors and included a short teaser video used to introduce the four ranges within the collection.

We implemented a media strategy with the aid of their existing media booker, focusing on 15 full page adverts, double page spreads and editorial opportunities to raise awareness and generate enquiries. Resultantly, from October to December, the Portfolio Collection appeared in 18 industry magazines across the UK.

In addition, 100,000 die cut door hangers were used as media inserts to support advert bookings in three of the industry’s leading magazines. Following the same concept, we produced two sets of wooden door hangers using two of the collection’s veneers, burning into the wood two supportive messages which were then used as sales support.

In the build up to the launch and the months following, we used Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to raise awareness and gain interest by reaching out to influential bloggers, relevant industry experts and industry media.
In total, five pieces of direct mail were sent out over a period of six months to 12,500 contacts of builders’ merchants, architects and interior designers. An additional 3,000 were printed to be used as ongoing sales support and promotional material at trade shows. The first direct mail piece to be sent out was a teaser piece using spot UV on one side to feature the varying grains in the veneers, with an introduction to the four ranges on the reverse. This was then followed by four range-specific mailers, showcasing the doors in each one.

In November 2015, Premdor exhibited the Portfolio collection at the Howarth Timber trade show where we provided graphics and produced a bellyband to accompany the four range-specific mailers. In addition, we provided a bespoke point of sale design solution for one of Premdor’s existing key distributors to be used within their branch.

Due to the marketing activity that was carried out over the first few months, it was decided this had generated a high enough volume of interest which meant the manufacturing process was working to its maximum capacity, and with that, the direct email marketing was put on hold.

The PR plan included a blogger competition which received over 2,000 votes within a two week period. Working with three of the UK’s most influential home and lifestyle bloggers, we asked them to choose a door from the new Portfolio Collection and describe which ‘dream space’ this would lead to. The competition was promoted through the bloggers and Portfolio social media channels to encourage the public to take part.

In a separate drive, press releases and advertorials were featured in all key industry media.

Throughout the following months, we continued to create supporting artwork for suppliers and new literature for sales representatives.


Since the start of the campaign in mid-October, we have showcased the brand and its products to thousands of people, with Premdor receiving a large amount of enquiries in the months following the launch. Premdor had also received a number of sales from their existing door suppliers shortly after the official launch.

Through key research conducted with architects and interior designers by an external company after the launch, it is clear that the campaign has changed the industry perception of Premdor.

Previously known as the leading manufacturer of ‘commodity’ doors, but without much competition in the marketplace, customers now view Premdor as a design-led brand which is concerned about the needs of its design customers and how it can help them find high-quality doors to suit a wide range of schemes. From doors fit for contemporary apartment blocks, to new build schemes or office blocks, Premdor’s range of Portfolio doors stands out in the marketplace and Premdor is now viewed as a trend-led premium player.

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