Relative Accountants

An established accountancy firm working with small to medium-sized clients in identified target sectors.

Growth in website clicks from Google

Growth in Google impressions

The Brief

An established accountancy firm reached out to use to help them boost their Google search presence. Relative Accountants already had an established reputation and online presence through a modern website and branded social media channels, but the firm spotted an opportunity to boost their SEO performance through the utilisation of SEO-optimised blog posts. We were tasked with producing a schedule of content, writing, optimising and publishing the content, and then reporting back on the success and key measurables.


We conducted an audit of existing blog and static website content, and then completed keyword analysis to help us understand where there were opportunities to deliver SEO benefits. We presented the findings of our keyword analysis to the client, and worked with them to whittle down the key terms in order to create a series of blog topics. Equipped with this information, we built a schedule of content and set about writing and publishing each article on a frequent basis, including working with existing digital assets to create social media posts that signpost to the new content from the firm’s existing channels. The blog posts were designed to not only deliver SEO benefits, but also to enhance the website experience by offering knowledge, insight and advice on relevant and seasonal topics, helping to enhance the business’s reputation as a trusted expert in its field.


Following three months of consistent blog post creation, we began to see significant improvements in the website’s performance on Google. Over the course of two six-month periods, the number of clicks to the website directly from Google rose by 122%, while overall impressions, which refers to the number of people ‘seeing’ the website in their search results for relevant enquiries rose by 210%. The work was delivered to a tight budget, and we produced and supplied articles in a way that was in keeping with the clients’ preferences and schedule.