The Sleep Charity is one of the leading, independent expert voices on sleep issues in the UK. Their aim is to help everyone get a better night’s sleep. 


Increase in website visits

Total reach of over 110 pieces of coverage


Increase in calls to helpline

The Brief

The Sleep Charity enlisted the services of Faith PR to deliver a robust and ongoing PR programme to ensure its key services were signposted, helping to launch new initiatives including the National Sleep Helpline and Sleep Ambassador Programme. 

To do this, we looked to strategically engage and collaborate with Charity experts, ambassadors and partners, including the National Bed Federation and Furniture Village, to deliver a robust media relations programme and disseminate key messages.  



Alongside seasonal PR messages, such as tips for sleeping in warmer weather, managing children’s sleep patterns around returns to school, and even the Olympic Games, Faith promoted the launch of initiatives like the National Sleep Helpline – a first-of-its-kind initiative – as well as the Workplace Sleep Ambassador Programme to targeted audiences.  

We worked with internal experts to quickly produce content to secure coverage on a national level, sometimes adapting and utilising existing copy, although often generating new copy bespoke to requirements.  



Achieving hundreds of pieces of coverage across tier one print and digital titles, including in national, regional, lifestyle and trade (charitable) sectors, delivered the rising success of the specialised helpline and boosted the exposure of the charity across all fronts. 

Sign-ups to the Charity’s Workplace Sleep Ambassadors programme increased markedly since its launch in November 2021, growing by 180% from the first month, and including enrolment from household brands such as Waitrose, Premier Inn, John Lewis and Holland & Barratt.