The Sleep Charity is one of the leading, independent expert voices on sleep issues in the UK. Their aim is to help everyone get a better night’s sleep. 


Audience growth



Engagement rate across all channels

The Brief

We were asked by The Sleep Charity to increase the overall awareness of the services they provide, including leading conversations on the issues around sleep, providing tips to help people sleep better, and promoting the newly opened National Sleep Helpline and The Workplace Sleep Ambassador Programme to a broader audience within the United Kingdom. We were asked to deliver original, visually compelling and educational content through multiple social media channels. The content needed to be engaging to an ever-growing audience, whilst also better engaging with the current audience that the organisation had already developed.  


Utilising the deep learning analytics tools at our disposal, we were able to create content to reach out to audiences that had not yet been targeted with previous campaigns, plus curate content for the audience that was already actively engaging with The Sleeps Charity’s social media accounts.

We created and scheduled a broad type of content, including infographics, promotional copy and graphics, as well as coverage pieces generated by our PR department and blog content. We created engaging stories for Instagram and Facebook that fed into the analytics to allow us to create more tailored content for future posts.



Targeted milestones have been achieved, including a 100% follower increase on the Instagram account, a year-on-year increase of 2.1% for engagement across all channels and a year-on-year total audience increase of 70%. Further to this, the launch of the National Sleep Helpline has been boosted by The Sleep Charity’s social media presence, with an increase in uptake, from the campaign launch.