Thornton & Ross

Huddersfield-based Thornton & Ross (T&R), part of the STADA group, is one of the largest manufacturers of speciality pharmaceuticals and non-prescription consumer health brands like Covonia®, Savlon® and Zoflora®.


Increase in page followers

Increase in monthly impressions


Boost in page engagement

The Brief

We were tasked with developing a corporate social media strategy to enhance the profile of Thornton & Ross (T&R), one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of speciality pharmaceuticals and non-prescription consumer health brands, such as Covonia®, Savlon® and Zoflora®, based in Huddersfield. Using LinkedIn as a key platform, our aim was to boost the brand among potential employees, key customers and stakeholders, positioning T&R as a global innovator and pharmaceutical industry leader by increasing engagement levels and broadening the brand’s reach.


We firstly analysed T&R’s existing LinkedIn page; looking into follower demographics, engagement rates and carried out a competitor audit. Using this insight, we developed a more active engagement strategy using key content pillars and a more consistent regular stream of news, expert advice and insight to build brand awareness. We also diversified the content, sharing key internal activity and relevant awareness days as well as video content and branded visual graphics to drive engagement. To support organic social media content and cross-channel marketing activity, we used paid spend on campaigns where a specific business objective needed to be met, where organic content doesn’t have as much cut through.


Over the next 12 months, the campaign achieved notable successes. The LinkedIn page saw a 90% increase in followers, with monthly impressions rising by 22k in the first month after launch, increasing to a boost of 46k in the most recent month. The level of engagement also rose by between 6-7% consistently over the year. T&R plans to extend its social media reach and launch twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts in the near future.