Vorwerk & Co. KG is an international diversified corporate group headquartered in Wuppertal, Germany in 1883. The main business is the direct distribution of various products like household appliances such as Thermomix, a kitchen appliance, and Kobold vacuum cleaners, fitted kitchens and cosmetics. 


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The Brief

German appliance manufacturer Vorwerk briefed us to find creative ways to demonstrate the life-enhancing benefits of owning one of their hero vacuum cleaning productsUnlike a usual vacuum, their Kobold is capable of cleaning everything from kitchen floors, soft furnishings, mattresses, through to carpets and carsOur job was to find compelling ways to tell this story.  


Based on the insight that many families entertain over the Christmas period, we set out to uncover the truth about the extent that households go to clean and prepare for visitors.  And importantly, demonstrate how Vorwerk products can help make this easier.  

Season’s Cleanings was an engaging lifestyle-focused campaign that quantified the stress and effort that people go to ahead of hosting guests in their home at Christmas time.  We commissioned consumer research to uncover the stresses, strains, quirks, and funny ways that people prepare for guests.  Also looking at who we are most nervous about visiting, and how this makes us feel. 

The insights allowed us to develop a multi-faceted campaign that included news, lifestyle content, and social media.  

To help make peoples’ lives easier, we partnered with Channel 4’s cleaning expert Lynsey Queen of Clean to share tangible tips to help with the big Christmas clean that could be seeded across social media and within media articles. 

Coupled with this, Vorwerk ambassador Sarah Beeny shared her hospitality tips in a video that was shared across social media.  


The campaign was featured in 12 national and regional newspapers, including a feature article in the Daily Mail.  The coverage generated a reach of 2,673,997.  

Content was shared across social media, from both an organic and paid-for perspective.  This led to over 500 organic engagements, rising to 6.8k from the paid-for activity.  Activity was shared across Vorwerk’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter channels. 

Our blogger activity resulted in six in-depth posts that included our research and product information with 66 blog engagements.  

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