Vorwerk & Co. KG is an international diversified corporate group headquartered in Wuppertal, Germany. The main business is the direct distribution of various products like household appliances such as Thermomix, a kitchen appliance, and Kobold vacuum cleaners, fitted kitchens and cosmetics. 

Social impressions

Positive media articles


Call to action inclusion

The Brief

German appliance manufacturer Vorwerk wanted a campaign around its upcoming product launch of a new hero cleaning gadget for its lead product, the Kobold. An improvement on a previous model, the new head is called the SP600. The top-of-the market premium vacuum cleaner manufacturer wanted to use this product launch to showcase the benefits and flexibility of its main device – ultimately to drive broader awareness and sales enquiries. We needed to find engaging ways to showcase the benefits of the hero device, and help show that it is worth its premium price point.


At the heart of our approach was a ‘seeing-is-believing’ tactic.  Once shown the sheer brilliance of the Kobold device, many people instantly want one and quickly realise that it is worth every penny of its expensive price tag. We needed to show the product in action, and get it into the hands and homes of as many influencers as possible. The timing was right to also link this to the broader theme of spring cleaning – tapping into a national moment in time to make cleaning-related stories relevant and timely. As this was such a significant launch for the brand, a multi-faceted approach was needed that left no stone uncovered in our pursuit of coverage and social engagement.


Our to the product launch campaign approach generated over 20 positive articles about the Kobold, with more still filtering through from the long lead media that we met.  The articles secured had strong messaging, and 82% of them included a direct call to action.  Coverage ranged from lifestyle magazine Elle Decoration, MSN lifestyle online, through to Trusted Reviews – showing the success of our 360 approach. Socially, we generated 2.2m impressions, 3.7m engagements, and 577 clicks.  This also resulted in a 3% increase in followers.