Vorwerk & Co. KG is an international diversified corporate group headquartered in Wuppertal, Germany. The main business is the direct distribution of various products like household appliances such as Thermomix, a kitchen appliance, and Kobold vacuum cleaners, fitted kitchens and cosmetics. 

Reviews in Good Housekeeping and Tech Advisor

National newspaper reviews

YouTube/influencer reach

The Brief

When you have expensive products, from a relatively unknown brand, how do you get key media and influencers to write positive reviews and actively recommend the product rage to their readers and followers? 

The answer is you need to show the product, not just tell them about it.  You need to get the products directly into the hands and homes of those you need to influence. 

And how do you do that?  You create a solid and robust product loan programme.  

German appliance manufacturer Vorwerk creates premium vacuum cleaning devices.  But they are no ordinary vacuum – they can clean just about every surface in your home, to the highest cleanliness standards, with minimal fuss and effort required.  But no one really sees the impact of the device until they actually see it for themselves – and once seen, everyone is converted and wants one! 

We used this insight to create a comprehensive loan and review programme for Vorwerk.    


Over the course of a year, we were able to successfully convey the benefits of Vorwerk’s product portfolio through creative factsheets, storytelling, and conversations with our contacts.  These resulted in key journalists and influencers opting into our loans programme. 

As the devices are relatively complicated to set-up at the start, we needed one of Vorwerk’s advisors to meet the journalist, set-up the device, and demonstrate its capabilities – before leaving it with them for up to two weeks for them to test in their own time. 

This personal and hand-held approach led to a far greater understanding and appreciation of the devices and the broader Vorwerk brand more generally.  The investment paid off, and over the past year we secured an unprecedented volume of positive reviews and endorsement.  


From consumer tech reviews in the likes of Trusted Reviews, T3, and Tech Advisor through to consumer lifestyle magazines like Good Housekeeping, Elle Decoration, and Ideal Home, we secured consistent and solid product reviews across an influential broad magazine portfolio.   

From a national newspaper perspective, our approach generated reviews and product placement in the likes of The Metro, The Sun and the Daily Mail. 

Layered over this, we also developed a blogger programme that replicated the media approach.  This sparked social engagement as well as reviews and recommendations, with posts ranging from at-home YouTube demonstrations, through to more tech-focused reviews, and mummy bloggers sharing stories of how the devices had revolutionised the cleanliness of their homes.