West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service wanted to raise awareness of the dangers of open water and how to stay safe in winter, tasking us with delivering an influencer social media campaign to target key demographics across West Yorkshire. 

Influencers engaged

Impressions made

Unique engagements

The Brief

Faith was tasked with spreading key messages from West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service about the dangers of open water and how to stay safe in winter. 

The aim was to encourage people to be mindful of the risks that open water poses, particularly in the winter, and tell people what to do if they see somebody in trouble.  

We were appointed to help recruit influencers, and plan and manage the delivery of an influencer campaign using the hashtag #WinterWaterSafety, directing people to the landing page on the WYFRS website, as well as the WYFRS social media accounts. 



We identified influencers with a suitable target following, around the topics of family life, outdoor activity, and wild swimming, while focusing specifically on the geographical area of West Yorkshire. 

We recruited influencers who were active across three platforms: Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram; engaging with nano influencers and micro-influencers, as well as those with high influence in the region via other mediums such as blogs. 

With a need to spread an important message to the public, we identified influencers that communicated a trustworthy and authentic presence through their social media posts. 


In total, 13 people showed interest in the campaign, with 9 influencers with a combined following of 556,500 across platforms going on to create 11 posts between them. 

The content shared reached 63,079 people, gaining 73,742 impressions, and earning 2497 interactions. 

All the posts expressed a positive sentiment, encouraging users to be safe around open water in winter. 

Multiple influencers expressed pride in working with WYFRS to spread the important message. 

Some of the influencers with lower following numbers received higher engagement rates than those with high followings, showing the importance of engaging with nano influencers in social media campaigns.