This October, Faith is celebrating its 14th birthday. The world has changed a lot over the course of the last 14 years so we thought we’d pull together some interesting facts and stats from 2007, ranging from tech trivia to what the Faith team were doing back before the credit crunch was part of our vocabulary!

2007 Tech facts:

  • Facebook had just 58m monthly users – today it has 2.9bn!
  • Instagram was still three years away from launching
  • The first iPhone had just been released. Apple has released 12 models since!
  • Only 18.9% of the world had access to the internet, today it’s 65.6%!
  • The i Paper was still three years from launch and the News of the World was still four years from being shut down
  • Northern Rock had just received their bail-out, prompting major changes in financial governance and regulation

2007 Sporting highlights:

  • Roger Federer won Wimbledon
  • John Higgins wins his second world title in the World Snooker Championships
  • The rebuilt Wembley Stadium opened to the public for the first time. It was also officially opened by Prince William a couple of months later

2007 TV, film and music trivia:

  • Laura Pearce becomes the first contestant to win the £250k prize on Deal or No Deal
  • Paul Potts won Britain’s Got Talent
  • Keeping Up With The Kardashians premieres in the US
  • BBC launched iPlayer
  • The most watched programme was EastEnders’ Christmas Day episode, receiving 14.38 million viewers
  • Number one single October 2007 – Crank That – Soulja Boy
  • Box office number 1 movie October 2007 – Ratatouille

2007 Interesting facts:

  • The Smoking ban in public places was introduced
  • The average price for a litre of fuel was 88p, the average price for bread was 99p

And what were the Faith team members doing #WhenFaithWasFounded?

  • Our Office Manager Nicole was just starting high school
  • Digital PR Account Manager Matt was still living at home in Manchester and studying for his GCSE’s. Unaware of the PR career that lay ahead of him!
  • Social media account executive Rebecca was one month into Year 8 at Richmond School (absolutely loving it) and living in North Yorkshire
  • Junior Account Manager Abi was 10 years old, attending primary school in Year 5
  • Digital Content Management Assistant James was either at high school or still at primary – he can’t remember (his academic years were clearly just a blur!)
  • Account Director Tom had just moved into his second-year house in Fallowfield, Manchester, studying politics with modern history
  • Associate Account Director Gill was working in TV land and had three children under the age of two (so was probably drinking a lot of gin as well!)
  • Associate AD Emily was a Senior Account Executive for a London based agency, working in its Leeds office
  • Creative Lead Carl had just sold a multi-million-pound agency and was looking forward to his next venture
  • And Stef, was setting up Faith from her kitchen having left her agency job with just one £250-a-month client!

We’d love you to share what you were doing 14 years ago – let us know via Twitter, Instagram , LinkedIn or in the comments box below.