West Yorkshire towns and cities such as Bradford, Leeds, and Halifax are estimated to be a part of a staggering economy worth £55.4 billion.

With Bradford being dubbed as one of the fastest-growing cities and Leeds acknowledged as the booming tech hub of our region, PR agencies have become an essential part of businesses looking to expand their operations to a wider audience.

Public Relations helps organisations to improve their business by developing media relations, building reputation and increasing credibility among the masses. Companies across all sectors have begun to understand the huge influence of PR on their business.

Thriving businesses across West Yorkshire have noticed how PR agencies have a tremendous impact on their work. Furthermore, a spurt of PR agencies with an intention to helping businesses achieve greater success have formed in the region.

Decoding the rise of PR in West Yorkshire

The region consists of a diverse population consisting of more than 1.9 million people who come from different backgrounds. This has encouraged brands to utilise PR as part of their strategies to build rapport between them and their consumers.

Organisations have identified that PR is crucial for them to establish strategic communication with potential clients and to maintain credibility.

Sectors such as tech, education, automotive, and more, have witnessed an immediate growth in brand awareness and reputation management. They were able to achieve this feat by combining the principle of PR into their operations.

Adventoris is a Huddersfield-based innovative software company and the creators of SwiftCloud. It is a leading mobile app for distributors and wholesalers that provides businesses with a platform that enables their customers to see products, communicate with the company and make orders 24/7.

They appointed us in January 2021 and introduced PR as a part of their approach to increase viewership in media. This move has resulted in the overall growth of the company and them secure more than 47 pieces of coverage.

The viewership helped them achieve a combined total reach of 505,955 in key titles. Moreover, Adventoris also witnessed their revenue grow by more than 45% in the same year.

Thornton & Ross are one of the largest manufacturers of speciality pharmaceuticals in the UK. They realised the importance of PR in boosting their presence among potential employees, key customers and stakeholders.

Working with us, the West Yorkshire-based company achieved more than a 90% increase in followers on their LinkedIn account, with monthly impressions rising by 22k in the first month after launch, increasing to a boost of 46k in the next month.


An economy bigger than nine EU countries and boasting more than 90,000 businesses in the region, West Yorkshire has established itself as one of the largest and strongest economies in the country.

PR is an essential tool for businesses as the above-mentioned examples are a few of the many testimonials by organisations in the region.

The strategies of PR boasts a proven track record of connecting with consumers and building an ever-lasting relationship with them. This has motivated businesses of all sizes to associate themselves with Public Relations.