Exams! The word every teenager fears, myself included. And choosing what to do after your exams can be really daunting as there are so many different pathways you can take after completing your GCSEs.

When considering your next steps, you should always sit down and focus on your end goal of where you would like to be in 10 years’ time.

Doing this can help you choose the best route, whether that be going to college to study certain subjects in order to get into university or entering the workplace via an apprenticeship.


Not everyone will choose the same route. All of my close friends decided to go to college and study three chosen subjects. The thought of going for an apprenticeship and being separated from them was hard for me; however, I soon realised I had to do what was best for me.

As a kinesthetic learner – someone who responds best to carrying out practical activities rather than listening to lectures or watching demonstrations – the idea of sitting in a classroom all day did not appeal.

With choosing an apprenticeship over college, I knew I would have the opportunity to learn from those who have worked in the industry and therefore could give me the best help and advice as I learned on the job.


Rather than finishing college and university and then having to go into a working environment with little, if any experience, an apprenticeship allows you to experience working life.

Early mornings aren’t always easy (especially in winter when staying in bed seems like the best option!) but once you arrive at work and you’re surrounded by the laughter and office chat you forget all about your warm duvet.

Learning whilst gaining experience from knowledgeable colleagues is definitely a good reason to pick an apprenticeship.


Learning whilst working and getting paid for it is a big bonus, especially as a teenager.

As I am earning through the week with my apprenticeship it means I don’t have to worry about getting a weekend job like most young people, which in turn leaves me with time to enjoy the things I love most in life.

The best part has to be knowing I will finish my apprenticeship with a qualification at the end.

As I mentioned at the start, I recommend sitting down and going through all options available to you. Just because an apprenticeship worked for me doesn’t mean it would be for everyone. Remember you can achieve anything in life providing you try hard!