Building trust with customers and stakeholders is crucial for businesses and organisations, not only to survive but to thrive. One way to build trust is through effective and impactful brand storytelling.

Storytelling is an integral part of our everyday lives and a way to establish relationships with others. A good brand story can create long-lasting emotional connections with people which promote trust, loyalty and improve the longevity of your brand and business.

As such, it is important to use stories to promote your brand, not only to drives sales but also to develop and improve trust among your customers. Trust is one of the most important elements of customer relationships. At Faith we have supported clients on a regional, national and global level to cultivate trusting relationships via storytelling with their customers so they can strengthen and develop a long-lasting relationship.

In January 2022, the 2022 Edelman Trust Barometer revealed that businesses held onto their position as the most trusted institutions, with even greater expectations due to the government’s failure to lead during the pandemic[i]. The data found that nearly 60 per cent of consumers buy brands based on their values and beliefs, almost 6 in 10 employees choose a workplace based on shared values.

The benefits of brand storytelling include:

  • Standing out in a crowded marketplace
  • Humanising your brand
  • Attracting the right individuals to work for your business/organisation
  • Communicating your values
  • Gives you agency over your business

How can you use brand storytelling to build trust for your brand? Digital PR account manager Matthew Fraser shares his tips on how good storytelling is crucial for building trust for your brand.

Connect with your customer base

Storytelling aims to create a strong relationship with your customers. Great brand stories are more personal and have a human element that resonates with customers and has a long-lasting effect. 

An easy way to do this is by telling your brand story in ways that lets your customers know that you understand and relate to them. If a customer feels as if they are being listened to, they are more inclined to trust your brand.

Captivate attention

Develop a captivating story that will create positive responses from customers.

Create captivating brand stories that appeal to all the customer’s senses which allows them to live the story themselves. By delivering an engaging brand story and connecting with customers on a deeper level, businesses can create or maintain trust in the customer.

Keep it simple

Brand stories that are full of jargon and mixed messages are generally the ones that fail to connect with individuals. It’s crucial to have an element of simplicity and transparency in your brand story, so customers do not worry that you have something to hide.

Your brand story should be simple yet comprehensive. Your story should have a beginning, middle, and end.

Shout about your values

Brands that have their values at the heart of their stories achieve the most recognition and trust.  When an individual feels valued by a brand they trust them and feel involved in that brand story.

Get customers involved

Encourage brand participation with your customers and stakeholders. This allows them to feel involved, builds trust and is included with your brand story.

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