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Forget about why you want people to follow your brand on social media (ultimately to drive more leads to our business), to be successful with your strategy, you need to understand why consumers choose to follow brands in the first place.

It’s important to have goals in place that work for yours and a consumer’s expectation, but this guide will focus on using insights about consumer habits and preferences to build a more meaningful connection online.

Sprout Social recently published its Social Index for 2019, which helps to answer what it is that your audience really wants.


Have a quick look at the brands you chose to follow on all of the different social media channels you use – do they vary by channel? Now consider one reason why you chose to follow that brand on that specific channel.

Half of consumers surveyed opted to follow a brand to learn about new products or services, while 48% follow brands to be entertained. Not all businesses release new products or services every few months, but some of the other top reasons why consumers choose to follow were to stay updated with company news, hear about discounts/promotions or to connect with similar people to themselves.

Not only that, people like to be inspired and educated by what they read, and that includes on social media. Another popular option for following a brand was to use it as a customer service tool and communicate with them directly – long gone are the days when we spend our time on hold for any chance to talk to a company!


Equally important in knowing why people follow, is to know why people choose to unfollow a brand.

Over half said that poor customer service was the number one reason that turned consumers away from a brand, followed by 51% stating irrelevant content. Some of the other top ranking reasons were due to too many ads and promotional posts from the brand, discussing politics/social issues, ignoring posts/mentions from people and using influencers to sell products.


Over half of consumers will follow a brand on social media even though they don’t buy their products or use their services.

Forty-six percent stated they followed brands just for inspirational content, while 41% would follow a brand they didn’t buy from for engaging content. This is because, as a consumer, they align a brand with their own personal values or they tell an interesting story.

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