content marketing strategy

The most successful B2B marketers spend 40% of their budget on content marketing as of 2018, with the average of all respondents being 26% (Content Marketing Institute) – this is a statistic worth noting as only a few years ago, content marketing was not a high priority for many brands.

So, what is content marketing exactly? Content marketing refers to creating and distributing bespoke media for your online audience on behalf of a brand, that serves to demonstrate who you are and your expertise in your industry.

To help you understand why a content marketing strategy is so powerful, and why your business should have a strategy in place, we’ve listed out some of the top advantages below.


As an expert in your industry, what better way to demonstrate this than through providing leading opinion and advice for potential customers? A solid content marketing strategy will demonstrate what you know and the reasons as to why you are an authority in your field. The more relevant and informative content you create with your target audience, the clearer this becomes.

You may find that most people aren’t familiar with your business and, by using content marketing to amplify your reach, this will build your brand awareness online. But don’t disappoint people when they do find you, make sure you’re hitting them with problem-solving, informative, interesting, entertaining content.


Search engines regularly change their algorithms and, currently, they favour quality, unique content that is useful and solves problems/answers questions for people. Be critical on the subject matter and what searches you want your content to appear for.

We can’t stress this enough – don’t go down the spammy route! Be consistent, be specific and be current.


This isn’t something that’s going to happen overnight, but by taking the time to learn and understand how to interpret your data you’ll get better at tracking your progress on what is working well and what isn’t working so well.

By doing all of the above well, a good content marketing strategy allows for online users to find you through useful and relevant content. These are people that are actively looking for answers. They might not be in the position to buy but attracting them to your brand and content offering helps to put you at the forefront of their mind when it comes to the decision-making stage.

It’s key that you don’t copy your competition and instead create a strategy that is unique to your business.