Browsing the internet and reading about the success of entrepreneurs, you may have come across how you can recreate the daily habits of a millionaire – but these might not be good for you, your lifestyle or even your self-esteem. Your outlook could be down to your own habits and outlook on life…rather than someone else’s fortunes.

Happiness and success come in many different forms and sometimes it’s hard to tell when you’re truly happy. Unhappiness, however, is easier to identify. To put it simply, you know when you’re unhappy and you most likely know why. Those that rate themselves content with life are more likely to be more productive and energised than those who consider themselves to be feeling blue.

Focus on earnings

People with a high income may put their earnings as their first priority and make sure all their income is accounted for. And yet for the rest of us, other things may be higher up the list and as long as your bills are paid, you may not see finances as your biggest priority. Find what works for you and if there are other things at the top of the list, that’s okay.

Wake up early

You often hear people say that they’re morning people and will happily make their way to the gym by 5am as this is when they’re the most productive. What works for them, may not work for you. If you find yourself being more productive in the evening, move your daily schedule around to suit you and when you’re likely to get more done. There’s no point getting up early if you’re feeling tired and not going to achieve anything.


Exercise is always ‘right up there’ when you ask someone with a high income what they do every day – claiming that it gets them ready for the day. If you don’t like exercise, then don’t force yourself to do it every day. Instead, focus on activities which are more suited to you and your lifestyle, and if you’re doing something that makes you feel worse…stop and consider something else.

Socialising with other successful people

You can usually tell who is wealthy or successful within your social circles. How you manage it is what will make it feel comfortable or uncomfortable. If you’re striving for success, stick with those friends who have been around since day one – they’re the most important influence on your life and the glue to your stability. And they’ll be the ones that will support you no matter what and play massive role in your future happiness.

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Nicole Jowett