black friday

As we move ever closer to Christmas, Black Friday has arrived with analysts reporting sales are likely to top £2bn this year.

Maybe it’s because we work in the industry, but at Faith PR we kind of switch off to ploys like this. Yet we can see how attractive it can be to some shoppers hunting for bargains ahead of expected price hikes in 2017.

This year, Black Friday has seemed to stretch over the entire week with promotions being drawn-out over the peak shopping season. Predictably, most of the activity happens online, but moves in store as we creep closer to Christmas day.

Shoppers are being warned not to get carried away by the lure of Black Friday marketing as many items can be found at better prices at other times of the year when consumers are less strapped for cash.

There are some great deals to be had but we wouldn’t take the retailer’s word that it’s a bargain. Shop around and do your own price comparisons with different brands. The key for consumers is to make sure you only buy items you were looking for anyway.

If you’re thinking of parting with your cash today, here’s a run-down of the best deals put together by The Telegraph.