As PR is not something I had ever come across before, I felt slightly worried about jumping into a profession that I didn’t know much about. As part of my university degree, I am required to complete two weeks’ work experience within a potential career path, so I set to work researching different career options for myself.

I researched local PR firms that offered digital services, as well as PR and came across Faith. I reached out to Stefanie Hopkins, who invited me to come in for a trial day at the office and a week later I began my two-week placement.

Knowing how important it is to have experience when applying for jobs post-university, I was determined to make the right impression to get the work experience I needed.

I can’t believe how much I have learnt in two weeks, I’ve written blogs, press releases, e-shots, created media lists and sent a lot of emails (and that’s only half of it!).

The importance of working to deadlines

Working in an agency is fast paced.

Hitting deadlines is essential for keeping operations running smoothly. After completing PRMax training with Junior Account Manager Abi, I was tasked with creating a media list for one of Faith’s clients.

By ensuring that the media list I worked on was up to date and completed by my deadline, the following task of reaching out to those journalists could be completed in good time, keeping work efficient and progressing for the client.

Creating media lists was something that I was very unfamiliar with, but thanks to Faith it is a skill that I will carry with me after completing my degree when entering the PR world.

Social media content

Creating content for social media was something I hoped to do whilst on my placement. I was tasked with drafting content for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn for several clients promoting office spaces as well as economic reports. These tasks highlighted the flexibility of social media and how it can help to grow brand awareness and connect with key audiences.

I also helped compose a social media SWOT and competitor analysis for a client which looked at the positives and negatives of their social media accounts in comparison to their competitors’ accounts. I found this really interesting and a fantastic strategic insight.

Blog posts are key

I must admit, I never expected blog posts to be so prominent within PR. Blogs are a great tool used by so many companies to enhance themselves digitally and give their clients a better insight into the company and expertise.

Faith allowed me to implement my writing skills and ideas for a range of blog posts for Faith’s clients.

Searching for influencers

One of my favourite tasks was searching for influencers. With social media being so prominent in today’s society, hunting for the right people to collaborate with clients was a very enjoyable task and something I felt very much suited to.

I have learned a lot from working here at Faith and I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity that Stefanie and Faith have given me.

Faith has such a wide variety of clients and no two days have been the same, all the skills I have learned I plan to carry forward in my career.

Thanks to Faith, I now feel like I stand in good stead for pursuing a career in PR in the future.

Editor’s note: We at Faith PR wish to thank Emma for all the excellent work she submitted during her work experience week, and we are sure she’s going to excel in all forms of PR in the future!

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