Where we once just commuted to the office, we are now working between the office and home.

Covid-19 has had a big impact on the way people are working and how businesses are operating. Working from home and virtual meetings have become the norm and some businesses are even taking on a fully remote approach by not having an office at all.

Pre-Covid, at Faith we worked in the office five days a week; we’ve now adopted a hybrid model – coming into the office for three days and working from home for two. After working from home for so long and not having much contact with the outside world during lockdown, it has been nice to get back into the office and regain some kind of normality!

I think we all look forward to having those days in the office, it’s quicker to call across the room to ask someone a question or to see how things are progressing for clients than it is to send emails. It’s also nice to have a change of scenery after been stuck in the house for months on end. In the office we’re able to bounce ideas off each other, have a catch up (work related or not!) and just have a laugh – we seem to laugh more now than we ever did!

I sometimes find that working from home makes it harder for me to switch off when the ‘working day’ is done, I usually find myself starting earlier or working later because why not? Your laptop is there and you have nowhere to be. It’s nice to have an ‘end of the day’ and leave the office to go home to your family, rather than moving from one room to another.

This year we also brought a new account manager on board, Matt. Due to us doing split days, it means he has been able to meet everyone properly and has been able to settle in, something he probably couldn’t really do if we’d continued working from home full time.

Working from home does have some positives though. Your days don’t include a stressful commute to/from work and you save quite a bit of money too. At Faith, we are all too tempted by the café next door! You can sometimes even treat yourself to a pyjama day (just make sure you change the top half if you have a Zoom call). I find that it’s quite nice to have a day at home to be left to crack on with things when you’re quite busy in an environment that suits you.

Thankfully, we do communicate well as a team so this style of working between the office and home does work well for us. We all get on well together in the office and for the days at home, we have a daily catch up via Zoom and a team WhatsApp group so somebody is always on hand if you need anything.

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Nicole Jowett