flexible energy

Leading energy management, fuel supply, and sustainability company, World Kinect Energy Services, has delivered a flexible energy contract to UK based engineering specialist IMI PLC, allowing it to control utility spend across the organisation.

IMI has been a longstanding client of World Kinect Energy Services since 2009. Established 1862, IMI works across a range of sectors including energy, transport, and infrastructure, employing approximately 11,000 people across 50 countries.

The business’s standalone utility contract was no longer suitable to the organisation’s needs and enlisted the help of World Kinect Energy Services to control its spend whilst retaining a flexible contract.

Reviewing IMI’s existing utility portfolio, World Kinect Energy Services conducted a full investigation into the company’s UK locations. The monthly spend was calculated based on the cost of energy and third-party contractors.

World Kinect Energy Services, using its established knowledge of the local market to determine a suitable supplier that operated in the UK, was able to design a bespoke, flexible contract that suited IMI’s requirements.

Commenting on the new flexible solution, Edward Harrap, global indirect category manager at IMI, said: “We have been working with World Kinect Energy Services since 2009. In recent years, it was apparent that our current contracts were no longer sensible.

“World Kinect Energy Services analysed our situation and current market trends in order to devise a new solution. This solution allowed us to aggregate our consumption whilst remaining on a flexible contract which suited our needs.”

World Kinect Energy Services provides local market energy solutions and expertise backed by a global perspective and capability, sophisticated data analysis, and local regulatory knowledge. Its certified team of more than 5,000 industry experts and dedicated account managers across the globe provide trusted energy advice to help customers acquire the energy they need, reduce their carbon footprint, and protect their budgets.

Terry Cogan, VP EMEA, World Kinect Energy Services, said: “All our customers have differing requirements and agreeing a bespoke basket strategy tailored to IMI’s needs has enabled the company to gain more purchasing power by aggregating consumption.

“Over the years, we have introduced numerous companies to our basket solution, allowing them to combine buying power and benefit from flexible contracts that suit their individual financial needs.”

For more information about World Kinect Energy Services, head to the website www.world-kinect.com  or contact a member of the team here.