A 26-year-old Yorkshire entrepreneur who has built a multi-million dollar automotive business since lockdown 1.0, has expanded his portfolio by investing in an online tropical plant retailer.

Tom Maxwell from York, is the managing partner and CEO of Land Rover modification business Twisted-USA, LLC group, which he launched in April 2020. The company is on target to turn over $8.5million in its first year of trading.

The young entrepreneur has now invested a five-figure sum in Leeds online horticultural business Grow Tropicals, which specialises in rare tropical plants and indoor gardening accessories.

Grow Tropicals was launched by Jacob James, in April 2020, and experienced a boom in sales driven by Covid and the millennial market – three two-day test sales sold out in a matter of hours. The business has built a strong customer base and following since.

Tom’s investment will allow the business to set up a tropical hydroponics nursery and online sales distribution centre in Leeds as well as expand the current team.

Grow Tropicals will produce, grow, and sell rare tropicals tailored for indoor growing for B2B and B2C customer. They are the only UK seller with an ongoing focus on plant conservation and sustainability in the supply chain for rare tropicals.

Commenting on his investment, Tom Maxwell, said: “I’m thrilled to be investing in other young entrepreneurs in North Yorkshire. As soon as Jacob approached me, I knew I would do something with Grow Tropicals. The brand is strong, the business case is solid, and it is something completely different to automotive. Jacob’s passion for his business coupled with the tenacity of his pitch made it happen.

“I’m looking forward to working with Jacob and his team to leverage my experience of delivering luxury products to a discerning clientele. I have some ideas around custom-built high-end terrariums that I think would open a new route to the affluent consumer who wants the start to finish premium service my other companies are world-renowned for delivering.

“I am also excited to be investing in a sustainable business that has achieved significant growth in challenging economic times, much like my own. With clear opportunities for further rapid expansion, the future looks very bright for Grow Tropicals.”

Discussing Tom’s investment, Jacob James adds: “I am delighted that Tom has joined us as an investor. He saw the potential in Grow Tropicals his financial injection will help the business advance to its next stage of growth.

“Tom’s previous success and experience as an entrepreneur will provide us with invaluable business insight and acumen to support Grow Tropicals. Tom understands how to build a start-up successfully and we are delighted to have him as part of the team.”

For more information on Grow Tropicals, please visit: https://growtropicals.com/