Move over Matt LeBlanc, there might be a new Top Gear presenter in the making… and he’s only 10-years-old!

Hipperholme Grammar School pupil, Alf Boyle, loves planes, trains and automobiles so much that he has powered up his very own lunchtime ‘Car Club’ for his school pals.

Alf’s Car Club invites pupils to bring along their favourite toy cars to play with, interact and socialise during their Thursday lunch breaks. Alf also sits in the driver’s seat during the educational side of things too, by holding his very own quiz on topics such as car safety and the rules of the road.

His Car Club has been a growing success for the past year and began following the Year 5 pupil’s passion for cars and his love for the BBC Two television show Top Gear.

The club is also helping Alf get his dreams of becoming a driving instructor into gear as well as owning his very own silver coloured Fiat 500 vehicle!

“It’s so exciting to do this club every week. I’m so proud to have set this up and that the school is letting me do it. I get to bring in my cars every week and really enjoy it,” said the youngster, from Halifax.

“I would love to teach people how to drive because I’ll be in my own car every day and I think it’ll be a good job to do.”

Alf’s Car Club was helped to get off the ground by Year 4 teacher Gina Spencer who encouraged him to turn his passion into a lunchtime class for him and his friends to enjoy at the school in Bramley Lane, Halifax.

“It’s been absolutely great to do. It’s been a huge thing for Alf to set-up and it’s really helped his confidence to grow, he’s flourishing every week,” she said.

“We know all of our pupils well so when we hear what they are interested in or want to do at school, we make sure we encourage everyone in our school community to enjoy their hobbies and passions and in turn, it helps with their social skills, education and self-esteem.”

Sarah Weller, Hipperholme Grammar Junior School headteacher, underlined how Alf’s club represented their care for each of their pupils.

“We pride ourselves on the amount and variety of clubs that we offer during and after school. Everyone is involved in running them including staff, lunchtime supervisors, Senior and Junior school pupils and even parents. It is another great opportunity to bring our whole school community together,” she said.

Alf has plans for his Car Club to race ahead this year too, with hopes of getting more pupils and taking the sessions off-road and onto the school’s outdoor area during the summer.

“Hopefully people in the club will tell their friends and then their friends will join, and it’ll get bigger and bigger,” he added.

Hipperholme Grammar School is based in Bramley Lane, Halifax, and is an independent school for children aged three to 16 in West Yorkshire. For information, call the school office on 01422 202256, or email: